what is differance between smoke testing and sanity testing?

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what is differance between smoke testing and sanity testing?..

Answer / neha

Sanity testing
Typically an initial testing effort to determine if a new
software version is performing well enough to accept it for
a major testing effort.

Smoke Test”, a broad but shallow verification of all the
critical functionality

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what is differance between smoke testing and sanity testing?..

Answer / vijayalakshmi.t

smoke means,checking whether all functionalities present in
application or not.it is done by developer.Before going to
give the build to testers,developers will do this.
where as sanity means checking whether all main
functionalities are working fine or not.it is done by
we won't write test cases for smoke testing.

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what is differance between smoke testing and sanity testing?..

Answer / obaid khan

Smoke testing is normal health check up to a build of an
application before taking it to testing in depth.

Where as

Sanity testing is to verify whether requirements are met or
not,checking all features breadth-first.

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what is differance between smoke testing and sanity testing?..

Answer / neha

Smoke testing is non-exhaustive software testing,
ascertaining that the most crucial functions of a program
work, but not bothering with finer details.

Sanity testing is a cursory testing; it is performed
whenever a cursory testing is sufficient to prove the
application is functioning according to specifications.
This level of testing is a subset of regression testing. It
normally includes a set of core tests of basic GUI
functionality to demonstrate connectivity to the database,
application servers, printers, etc.

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