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Syntel JCL Interview Questions
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I've one sequential file, that file size is LREC=100 (File contain Records like 1 to 100). Now I was increase the file size is LREC=102. My question is I want insert 00 (Two Zeros) in to the new file (That output file looks like : 00123 up to 100). How will write the SORT card in JCL. Please let me know.

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i created one base gdg with lrecl = 100 , now i need to create versions with different lrecl =150,200 can it be possible to create like tht ?

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wht do u mean by internal reader in jcl ? wht is the use of internal reader ?

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wht happens if cond=true ? pls give me with an example ?

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i have records from 1 t0 100 . i need to open records from 10 to 18 and change the values in tht ? how can i do tht ?

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how to override PROC? please give answer in details. Please mention how to write it in JCL. Thanks in advance.

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Can we give two user name in NOTIFY parameter in JOBCARD

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SORT card to eliminate duplicity.

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If we want to see the eliminated duplicate record thru SORT, how its output file will be managed

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What is the difference b/w the CLASS,TIME,PRTY in jcl job card.

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i have 5 steps to execute in that i want to skip 3nd step and start execute from forth step how can u do this.

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using cursor how can you fetch more than one record into a variable

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Can a PS file be read in reverse order?If so,how

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How many days does a job remain in spool

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Syntel JCL Interview Questions

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