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Syntel Informatica Interview Questions
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Whatis the difference between View and Materialized View ?

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How to eliminate 1st and last rows from the source and load the inbetween rows.

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if i have a file having record sal=10000,and when use router with two groups having condition sal>5000 in one group,sal>7000 in other group.and if two groups connected to two which target sal=10000 will go?

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why normalizer transformation can not used in mapplet? plzzzz answer

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I HAVE 10 records in source. I want to store i record in target 1, second record in target 2, third record in target 3, 4 th record again in target 11, 5th again in target 2, 6th again in target3 etc.... how it is possible?

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Can we insert and update a target table without using update strategy transformation?How?

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Can any one describe what is audit table briefly?how does it look like and what are the columns in it?

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Can anyone tell me the new features in Informatica 9 Version?


Can anyone tell me the new features in Informatica 9 Version?

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Can anyone please help me out,In which transformations records will be rejected and how capture those records?and How to reload the rejected records?

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Is there any target staging area in informatica not staging area


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Syntel Informatica Interview Questions

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