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Syntel Cognos Interview Questions
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what is dimention?explain dimentable with example?

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if there are list,crosstab,chart how can you apply a single filter to all object?

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what is the procedure for scheduling conditional rendering?


what is dash board?

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what is field set? what is the query calculation and layout calculation?

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what is tabular set? how can you break the report?

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what are the types of facts ? explain them?

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what is bobble chart?

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how can you get the errors in job? when loops are araised we get error?


what is stitch query?

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how can you create a report like if country=india then true if contry=spain then false?

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what is your project workflow and your role in the project?

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difference between stored procedure and function?

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what is prompt types of prompt example briefly each types of product (eg:values, date,search,prompt etc.)

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Syntel Cognos Interview Questions

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