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Syntel QTP Interview Questions
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hi testers,one script has three actions , at the of running three actions are running , how to set run only perticular action and what is the use of split the action? when it will be useful?

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pls tell me different type of automation frame works in QTP and which one need to select in client server application

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how to capture tool tip in QTP and which check point is needed

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how u conduct GUI testing and PERFORMANCE testing on MS- WORD? and What r the GUI Test Cases and performance Test Cases?

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w is time parameter

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I want to check in the data table(Globalsheet) column exist or not through script .If column not exist only proceeded to next step Pls tell me how to proceeded?

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what is descriptiveprograming? how to do object identification thrugh Descriptive and is possible smart identification or not

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?

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i have a window , initial its name is "NEW CUSTOMER" i have to enter the details of customer in the test object fields and after saving the window name is automatically changing with the customer name . so how to identify that window after saving. (i am using descriptive programming.)

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hi in QTP 8.2 in the edit box has text like "raju want married" . i want to check "want" is their in the text or not ?

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what is the difference between invoke application and

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how we do database testing with qtp using descriptive programming?

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what is Defect density, defect leakage, defect age,latentbed,yasid testing, interface

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what is option explicit? what is the use of it?

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hi This is Harish.1. What is object repositery .2. what is frame works in QTP,what is keyword driven frame work,explain it and how to associate the folders.3.the build is developed in java, can we write scripting in vb .4.what is discriptive progaram,how to write it.5.what is process of QTp testing.6. how to associate the shared repository. 7.what is implicit and explicit 8.what is runtime data please replay me regards Harish

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Syntel QTP Interview Questions
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