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Syntel USA Business Visa B1 Visa Interview Questions
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1. Why do you want to travel to the USA? 2. What company do you work for? 3. What do you do? 4. What is your annual income? 5. Have u ever visited any other country other than home. 6. Can I see you Business/visiting card? 7. Who will look after your business in our absence (if you are a business man). 8. Do you have a credit card? 9. How many children do u have? And where they are? What do they do? 10. Do you have any relatives in USA? 11. How long will you be staying in USA? 12. Will you work there? 13. Will you come back? 14. How can you assure me that you will come back?

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Syntel USA Business Visa B1 Visa Interview Questions

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