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Syntel REXX Interview Questions
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I am tryin to select one records(SQL) using Rexx.Here is the code ADDRESS DSNREXX "EXECSQL FETCH C1 USING DESCRIPTOR :TBSQLDA" IF SQLCODE = 0 THEN DO LINE = '' DO I = 1 TO TBSQLDA.SQLD LINE = LINE TBSQLDA.I.SQLDATA END I SAY LINE END ADDRESS DSNREXX "EXECSQL CLOSE C1" ADDRESS DSNREXX 'DISCONNECT' i am getting the following errors and also i dont know wr to see the ouput.Can anyone please hlep me in solving this? 28 +++ ADDRESS DSNREXX 'DISCONNECT' Error running DB2REXX, line 28: Incomplete DO/SELECT/IF

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Syntel REXX Interview Questions

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