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Siemens Accounting General Interview Questions
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What do you mean by contingent liability?

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Difference between reserves for bad debts & provision for bad debts.

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What is triple entry system.

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please explain briefly about account receivables and payables

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salary is paid to a person A wrongly twice a month and after detecting the mistake the salary is paid to the right person B.write the journal entry for the two sequences.

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What is the journal entry for goods sold to Mr A in 1 month credit of rs 5000. and also pass entry for non repayment of money after 1 month by Mr A. (What entry will come for this?)

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what is contingent liabillity ?

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Explain the Realisation concept and Accounting concept? why do you prepare p/l appropriation account? 4 difference b/w public and private caompany? How do you calculated closing stock in tradind a/c? Contents an invoice receipt? classification of Error as per accounting? Diff btwn Satutory audit & Internal audit? Diff b/w reserves for bad debts and provision for bad debts? Where the Bank book and the Cash book will not reconcile? When will the Cash book have a credit balance?


What is ERP? Diff b/w Income & Expenditure a/c & P/L a/c? What is the fullform & the application of SAP? What is the reasons where Balance sheet will not tally?


what is fund flow statement??

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what is accounting cycle ?

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accounting concepts

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Siemens Accounting General Interview Questions

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