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Siemens Instrumentation Interview Questions
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Will Intergraph support SmartPlant Instrumentation in an AutoCAD or MicroStation environment on a long-term basis?

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Dear Sir/Madam, I am attending an interview for ETs in BHEL. I have cleared my written test under Electronics (Instrumentation). This is the first time I am appearing for an interview. Can any one who has attended the interview earlier give me a clue to face the interview. With regards Sindhu

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How addressable fire systems work? Pl. send details with architect.(Loop), also send details regarding Gas system. Pl. help me.Thanks


Why capacitive banks ar5e important?

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where do you give the 4-20 ma i/p in a MIL control valve?

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If the average power during generation is zero, why do the analog meters have + and - ?

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selection of the zener barrier for the hazardeous area zone 0


Difference b/w SCADA & DCS

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what are the basic instructions used in simatic s7-300 plc?

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What is the basic principle of vibration measurement by BENTLY NEVADA vibration measurement system? and Why it gives the -ve voltage output?

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What is the SCAN time of a DCS/PLC? What is the typical value for scan time of DCS and PLC?

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What is deffrence between Battery and capacitor

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suppose there is gas flow meter I want to know weather meter calibration is done at high pressure or low pressure? pls justify.

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In most process, speed of motor controlled by control system with a reference pot . Now if i start & it becomes uncontrollable, i.e.gets directly start & stop after certain time.Then which reasons can make such problem? can motor may be faulty?how?

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define SIMULATION a and what is the need of it

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Siemens Instrumentation Interview Questions

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