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Siemens Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the difference between debugging and manual testing?

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When test plan will be prepared in v-model?

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when the test plan will be prepared in waterfall model?

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what is monkey testing?

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what are the documents that will be created in testing cycle?

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Tell me the scenario where sevirity More and Priority Low?

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Tell me the scenario where sevirity Low and Priority High?

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What is Regression Testing?

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what is debugging and whitebox testing and what is the diff?

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What you will do during the first day of job?

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In first version of the build i found a bug . I report it to my developers with all the procedures and that was accepted by the developers and the bug was in open state. In the next version of the build the bug was not able to reporduce it .Then wat will be the status of that bug

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what is the Slippage Ratio in your company?

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If u need to get stressed & work more than then timing. How comfortable u r. If asked to work on weekends

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What is Test Harness... is having any releation with Test driver...Anybody can explain in detail...Thanks in Advance

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What is the Driver in Integration Testing..Anybody can explain it.....Thanks in advance.....

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Siemens Manual Testing Interview Questions

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