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Siemens SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is the advantage of using the text as a reference instead of duplicating it?

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What is Replenishment lead time?

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What is the purpose of the request number which is generated when u save a customisation??

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What is the use of VPRS, EK01 and Ek02? For material cost we are using VPRS why we need EK01 and EK02?

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What is the function of counter in pricing procedure ? Please explain with an example..

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Hi . i have taken training from SIEMENS delhi, in SAP SD, but I could not certify at first attempt. where r there only 3 attempts to attain. now we take ECC 6.0 , where as if it upgrade then can we eligible to attain the same or not. or how many days validity of the training to attempt the exam. could any one help me out ...

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1) What are the Stock transfer configuration steps ? 2) What is a function of account group except partner fuction creation ? 3) Tell me some critical Gaps(not basic one) which u faced in project and how u solved it ? 4) Tel me about u r bisiness flow and sales process ? 5) What is formula in pricing ? 6) What is a difference between Make to stock and Order to cash ?


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Siemens SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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