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Siemens QTP Interview Questions
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Hi What are re-usable actions in QTP? -Thank You

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When to Insert transactions in QTP?

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HI, Anybody can explain Automation Test Framework...and wht do we do before start of Automation.....

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Wht is Smart Identification Mechanisam in QTP..Actually when do we this Technology means during Recording or running is technology works. Anybody can expalin this .....Thanks in advacne

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What is Reusable component is QTP...Anybody can answer it..Thanks in advance...

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What is the diff between doing parametarisation using Data Driven wizard or manually. when do we go for manual para...and when do we use Data driver wizard..can anybody answer it ..Thanks in advance

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Wht are the BY default Add-ins in QTP 9.2 version and what all are differences between 8.2 and 9.2

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In automation testing Can we retest virtual object in the application after getting new version from the developers, is there any property will change for that object or it won't.?

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how to test globalisation testing using qtp? lets take an example: suppose i have to test the word is in hindi "ratikanta", how we test it by using descriptive programming or any method??

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Siemens QTP Interview Questions

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