what is monkey testing?

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / nitin verma

Monkey testing is a subset of Ad hoc.In this no formal
test cases are used,it is being done due to lack of the
time.No testing approach is being used in this.


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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / kannan.r

Testing a Software without any Testcase or formal Procedure.
Navigating through various screens and checking for the
functionality with some dummy/unformatted inputs and
finding bugs.

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / ramesh16j

it is a type of testing performed by tester.due to lack of
time tester follows this type of testing. In this type he
test the main functionlity of the application first and
leaves the rest.

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / ch.s.m.prasad

Due to lack of time testing team is conducting the test on
specific area (or) basic fuctionalities (or) main modules
of our app. build . This is also called as chimpanzee (or)
Gorilla testing

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / mahesh

Monkey/Chimpanzee Testing:

Due to lack of time, the testing team is covering testing
on main activities of build only.

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / kiran kumar

monkey testing is the sub set of Ad-hoc/informal testing.
Due to the lack of time,Testing team will check main
functionality of software only. This testing is also called
as chimpanzee testing.

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / sailaja

monkey testing means no specific methodology will be
followed. just here and there testing. when time is limited
for testing we will go for this

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / ipsita ratha

Monkey testing is random testing.
It is performed by automated teting tool.
Testing the System Here and there to ensure there is no

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / pradeep.s

testing the application ramdomly.

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what is monkey testing?..

Answer / krishna

monkey testing is also calles chimpanzee or gorilla testing.
so monkey testing is just keep pressing some keys randomly
and check whether s/w fails(the machine may hang,sometimes).
if a wrong i/p is given it has to be display necessary
error message.

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