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Siemens SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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how to handle the errors (duplicate records) in CALL TRANSACTION METHOD and HOW CAN WE SHOW THE ENDUSER ABOUT THE ERROR RECORD

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difference between session and lsmw difference between bdc and lswm why u choose bdc instead of bapi

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what is the role of secondary index in performance?

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can we call a dialog module(Type M) into the executable program(Type E).If it yes then how ?

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What is the diff b/w RFC enabled Functional Module and BAPI?

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What is the use if we define the BAPI as method in BOR? Purpose.....

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What is netweaver???what is the relationship with ABAP?


In Dialog Programming Table Control,how to make only one row editable?

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Diff b/w ECC6.0 ,ECC 5.0 and 4.7......

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while creating table in ECC 6.0,it'll ask for enhancement Catagory?What is that?

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How to make smartform output into PDF?what r the step and requirments?

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I have 100 records and 75th record contains error,if i use call transaction how many records will update the data base and if i use session method how many will update?

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Suppose i have table with 2 columns say 1st with Numerics and 2nd with words like 1 for one and 2 for i want to change the 9 numeric word as some

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In material report output,if i click on any material i have to open MM01 with that material in the field how?and from mm01 screen i have to come out what i have to do?

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We have got some values for Field F1 say 1,2,3,4 and F2 say 10,10,10,10.Now can you tell me what would be the output for F1 if we use At End Of event?and what would be the output for F2 if we use At Last event?Also i want to know what is the difference between Total calculation for At end event and grand total for At last event???


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Siemens SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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