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Reliance Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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where to use CT and PT?

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Whether the vacuum contactor requires Short circuit protection?If No,why?


Describe: Energy efficient motors

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why protection and metering CT's are always connected in star why not in delta?

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Can 4pole (3 phase+neautral )RCCB proper functioning in only 3 phase load (no neautral, no Earth) ?


How to calculate cable sizes in with using motor KW? Any formula there?

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regarding safety what would u consider the most important rules to observe when inspecting electrical equipment?


in a induction motor if we put capacitor across it will the power factor of the motor will improve? if yes how

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what will happen when reverse reactive power occurs in alternators?

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in thermal overload relay class 10A indicate what

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how we calculate torque ? how we improve it ?where torque will either motor or generator ?


Why TAP changer provided in primary side of HT transformer ? and why not in secondary?

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Why the TNC switch is called as Memory switch

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What is TR of AC?

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what happened if power factor is "1"

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Reliance Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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