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Reliance Accounting General Interview Questions
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What is the full form and the application of SAP?

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wat is the golden rule of accounting

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What are the methods used in different industries for labor and non-labor costs in Projects.


The jouranl entry of purchage of fixed assets are assents a/c dr. to cash/bank account why we not make journal entry for this is purchage a/c dr. to cash/bank .

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How calculate holding company account?


How P/E ratio usefull to the different people?


please give me information about h form and c form used for which items?

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: can anyone tell me rates of TDS for payment of contract, consultancy, advertizing, statioenry, salary, professional charges, technical fees, & honorarium for the financial year 2010-11

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Who is Sundry Debtor and who is the sundry creditor ?

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what is portfolio

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what is equity share

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tell me bill payable head and entry in tally

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Reliance Accounting General Interview Questions

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