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Reliance Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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What is your objective

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Describe a time your company did not deliver on its product or service and how you responded?

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What attracts you to the industry?

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why do choose MBA after finishing your Mech. Engineering ?

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name 5 indian business person who have a great impact over india's economy?say something about themselves.

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which are the top most companies in india as well as outside? what is highest margine of that companies?

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how our company help you to fulfill your career objectives?

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why should we take you?

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Tell me waht about ur self , how to approach customer

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u choose major as a finance but now u r interested in job of sales and marketing why u want to entter in job of marketing

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?

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why you ere changing you job in a short time(10 months).

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Take atleast 10 FMCG companies in India and analyse how they are doing ethics in marketing in various segments.

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what is the market share formula?

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why sales is required

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Reliance Marketing Sales Interview Questions

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