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Reliance Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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relation between voltage and frequency.

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If DG runing time Neutral earth connection Dissconect what will be the effect in load and equipments.

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On what basis no of earth pits are to be decided either for transformers or for equipment?

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what is the diff. b/w restricted earth fault relay & standby earthfault relay and where they are used?

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Why we are use 11KV / 22KV / 33KV / 66KV / 110KV / 230KV / 440KV this type of ratio. why cant we use other voltage ratio like 54KV / 99KV et.,

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How much energy save vfd if motor run on 50 Hz (full speed)

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How to calculated capacitor rating both HT

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what is meant by GOD in transmission system ?

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can SMPS work in DC supply ?

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what is the design factor that affects the size of a motor ?

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why ELCB's are not useful for operation theater equipments ?

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what are the specifications for Dc cables of higher rating

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what is the relationship between induction motor and transformers?

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how to decide choke rating for drive?


which types of tests are required after commissioning of 6.6 kva tranformer?

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Reliance Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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