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Reliance English Interview Questions
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why u join the genpact co,

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7 technical & 5 lifestyle question .. Technical or NOn tecnical / Programmer or other ( Explain tht) describe yourself,with keyskills , specialisation , qualification , experiece in 120 words ( 4 mins ) what is ur importance what profit will company gain from u , by appointing you as an employee what is your dreams & desire ,expectation of current salary ? why you get select ? why we make you part of our company ? which company , his the company towards whom microsoft looks micro in IT a) IBM , b) EXL , c) SoftwareCoder , d) Parrot " which location u can work in ur state,country .... or in any part of world


Can u please give suggestion that how to clean english

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I May I know about your self you

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Reliance English Interview Questions

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