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Power Grid Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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1.Why hydrogen used for cooling in generators 2.Why electrical equipment protected by ground 3.Why earthing for transmission line 4.What is rms value of half wave rectified square wave. If Rms value of actual wave 2amps.

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1.what is the contact resistace of CB ? 2.radioactivity should be mesured with---------?

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what is STUB protection in tranmission system and switch yard area?

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what is the difference betn earthed and unearthed cables which is commanly used why?

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What is the difference between AMF panel and DG Synchronization panel? please define the working of both the panels?

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which electrical supply used for long distance traction 1.1-ph 22kv a.c 50hz 2.2-ph 22kv a.c 50 hz 3.dc vtg 4.1-ph 22kv 150 jhz

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name the famous power plants present in A.P

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what will happen when power factor is leading in distribution of power?

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what is the order of mgnetiation current in a current transformer of 1000A/1A ratio?

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can we connect both delta and star to the transformer secondary and for what reason?

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How would you supply a single house hold load from a 3-phase supply coming out of a sub-station?

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How would you supply power to a village which is very far from a sub-station and has only a 11k?

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diff.between servo motor and ac motor


What happens if the capacitive reactance of a transmission line is very high?

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What is R/X ratio? I have heard that this ratio is higher in a radial distribution system.Why is it so? I would appreciate a word. Thank you

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