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Power Grid Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the direction of rotation of blades in a table fan and in a ceiling fan ?

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sir, how to select the cable size, what is the parameters use ang what is the formulas use for this cable size calculations. please tell me.

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what is the static device rather than xmer which work on same principle as xmer?

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presently I am working in private sector.In powergrid interview recruiter asked me why you join this organization.


what is neutral voltage

3 6140 used in transformer ? 2.Why breather called breather ? 3.Working of conservator tank.? 4.Speaker of parliament ?

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what is power frequency withstand and impulse withstand of a circuit breaker?

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what is saturation kit?which use above 15 kw motors panel side.


which type of harmonics minimum produce in 12 pulse rectiformer transformer? a)3rd b)5th c)7th d)11th

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how much kn lightning arrestor is used in 11kv line

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what kn of disc is used in 33kv,132kv,220kv,400kv,800kv transmission line


what are the names and size of various conductors used in transmission lines

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what are the various types of towers used in transmission line

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what is the size( of these conductors dog,rabbit,tiger,panther,mush,

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what is the maximum load on for 10 kva & 25 kva transformer

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