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Oracle Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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Is it possible to change the functional currency during the mid of financial year ?

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What is the difference between Currency Translation, conversion and revaluation?

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Define suspense account in Oracle apps and why is it mandatory?

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What is the order in setting up GL ? Which comes first - COA, Calendar & Currency ?

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What are the steps in setting up Oracle GL ?

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Is it possible to match PO from Order Management in AP, if so how ? How does the P.O matching process works in AP?

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Is it possible to change the accounting period during the financial year? For eg change it from 12 to 13 months ?

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What are the steps and control checks in posting journal entries ?

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in mass addition normally there is an interface that runs from AP to add the items into FA...when does this process it during the month end after AP closing & is it an automated process.. Is it possible to run any interface in the middle of the month if u want to populate one specific item from AP

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What is a Value set and types of value set?

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What is dynamic insertion ? How to turn off the dynamic insertion ?

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What are the types of key Flexfield forms?

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Hi How to transfer the funds one bank to another bank. Ex: i am using bank called citi bank and i want make the paymeny immediately and my bank balance is 0.So i have another bank account called HDFC and now i wnt to transfer funds HDFC to CITI this possible in oracle applications? or when i defined MO i need to implement bank funds transfer moudle.Plz clarify my doubt?.

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Where we r defining the payment limits. ex:As per my business requirement business have a payment limit is 10000.Where we defined this type of limits.

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where should liability account define in account payable what are the steps for payment process

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Oracle Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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