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Oracle SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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there are 2 variables called x and y ,x contains 1,2 and y contains 3,4 we have to swap the values from x to y and y to x with out using dummy variables and it can be done only by using a single statement ? how?

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Differences between UNIQUE and DISTINCT in select statements

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What are the attributes of SQL*PLUS ?

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Create table emp (id number(9), name varchar2(20),salary number(9,2)); The table has 100 records after table created.Now i nee to change id's Datatype is to be Varchar2(15). now Alter table emp modify(id varchar2(15),name varchar2(20), salary number(9,2)); Whether it will work or returns error? post answer with explanation.

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i want to display 1 to 10 numbers using one select statement.

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why use cursors?

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how to remove records from table? no name 1 a 2 b 1 a 2 b 3 c

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What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR2? If VARCHAR2 serves the uses of CHAR why CHAR is still used and not been discarded yet?

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How can i insert data inro a table with 3 columns using FORALL?

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what is autonomouse transaction?

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what are pl/sql collections?

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How to create a view on a table which does not exists

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how to write utl file pkg in SQL

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wt is the diff b/w greast and max ,least and min? wt is the diff b/w case and decod?

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what is the difference difference between procedure and packages

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Oracle SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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