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why use cursors?

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why use cursors?..

Answer / suresh kumar somayajula

Cursor : It's a private SQL worksheet area where we can
execute SQL commands and processing information.
The purpose of the Cursor is, PL/SQL execution block will
process only one records means it will return only one
records.If we want to retrieve or process more number of
records we use the "Cursors".
These are of two types.
1. Implicit Cursor 2. Explicit cursors.

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why use cursors?..

Answer / aravind

Cursor is used to process multiple rows using pl/sql.

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why use cursors?..

Answer / sri

mainly cursor is used to to process the multiple records
from database

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why use cursors?..

Answer / selvaraj v , anna university c

Cursors allow row-by-row processing of the result sets.
Retrieve more than one rows from table or database to use

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why use cursors?..

Answer / chandu

to perform multiple rows accessing.

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