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NTPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is a lightning arrester???

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hopkinson's test

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1.what to do if ferquency of any power system continue to decrease ?

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At what distance power transformer can be placed from generating ?

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how to detect the presence of underground cable(while digging road)etc. -give the name of instrument

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how to measure the A.C flux .-instrument

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In stepdown transformer 11/415 volt two nos.(R & Y)HT side fuse is blown ,what will be voltage of ry,rb,yb in secondary side

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why synchronization done in clockwise direction?

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what is pole slip ?

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what are the types of sus station ?

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If current flows through conductor it produce magnetic field only.but if current flows through vaccum both magnetic & electrical field produce why ?

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Name different types of circuit breakers and their voltage ratings?

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What is the rating of HT SUBSTATION and LT SUBSTATION?

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Assume a condition such that two motors of rating 6.6kv,415v are connected to blower,so tell me which motor draw large current give appropriate reason?

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What are eddy current and define rms value?

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NTPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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