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NTPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why Human body feel Electric shock ?? n in an Electric train during running , We didnt feel any Shock ? why

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Why in a three pin plug the earth pin is thicker and longer than the other pins?

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thermal power station operation in general

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how the inductor will work on dc supply?whether it will work or not?

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why synchronous motor has zero starting ?

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what is the difference b/w neutral and earth?what is the need of earthing and what are the different methods for earthing?

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what is the function of generator exciter

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1)Why electric shock is feel ?? n in a Electric Train why we didnt feel that ? 2)What is the reason for transformer Noise ?? 3)What is relation b/w Transmission Lines & Communication Lines ? 4)Which material is used for making Transformer oil & How u measure its dielectric strength & Name the test ?

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What are the types of Transformer? Name them.

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which type of amplifiers are used in multimete?


What is the difference between Isolator annd Circuit Breaker.

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How much duration I can keep open the CT if it is under loading condition(100 Amp load)?

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what objective books are good for preparing for PSU's?

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Why Lightning arrester used? Can we use piece of iron as a core material of transformer, if No, why? In CRGOSS material what is meaning of cold rolled grain oriented? Why Impegrenation of Transformer is done? Properties of Insulator? what is phase angle? Testing of transformers (Routine & Monthly)?

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why we use only sine wave in ac why we do not use other wave forms

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NTPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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