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NTPC Taxation Interview Questions
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Sir, We purchased coal from NCL on CST basis. An incentive is paid on the basis of performance basis of NCL. NCL Raise there incentive bill for Rs. 1000+CST2% Rs.20 Total Rs. 1020/-. But As per Our Calculation, Incentive bill should be Rs. Basic 900+18 (CST)total Rs. 918. We argue and disputed and paid only Rs. 918/- . After Some time they also agree that incentive amount should be Rs. 900+CST but Now they revised the bill like this Basic Incentive Rs. 900+CST Rs.20/- (Original Tax value). And now they are demanding C for with CST 20/- but our pleas is that we are not liable for the mistakes made by the NCL and will issue C for for Rs. 18 Only. Now They are demanding C for for difference of Rs. 2 of CST. My Question is what should be the actually value of C form for CST ie. Rs. 18 or 20. considering the fact that we accounted only rs. 918/- in books and disputed is resolved after one year for basic value.


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NTPC Taxation Interview Questions

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