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NTPC Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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Which modulation scheme are having constant energy modulation?

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hi i m an EC engg i had cleared written test for PE for BEL plz help be for interview provide me full information about intrvw as much as u can.. thankx..

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What is CMRR? Explain briefly.

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please send me the previous question papers of ntpc writen test for ece


will you provide me NTPC exam?


What is the reason that sometimes we get network busy message in mobiles while attempting a call?

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In microprocessors, what does the mnemonic SKIP do?

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The peripherals of the computer(like keyboard, monitor) are connected through buses directly or is there any interfacing device present in the CPU?

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Which series of ICs are used for military applications?

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What do mean by mnemonics in microprocessors? Give few examples.

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What is the operating temperature range of the 74 series of ICs?

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Name one microprocessor that works in the same way as that of intel 8085 but of another company.


how to wish if there will both sir and madam present? how to put acuriculam vitae when about to be confertable? tell me abut your state, city,and district? how to present our hobbies and interest? what is the anser of "you are nat selected"?

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please send me last year question for executive tranees in ntpc on my email ID


Lamps in street lighting are all connected in a) Series b) Parallel c) Series parallel d) End to End

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plz send me the aptitude test paper for hpcl.


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NTPC Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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