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IOCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the max demand on your transformer and your company?

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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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what is cathodic protection in Tank,and product pipelines?

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what is the meaning of rms value

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what is the use of neutral?

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How to calculat the size of copper& aluminium wire ?

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why surge suppressor in vaccum circuit breaker and it is only in motor feeder why not in tranformer feeder?no surge suppresor in ocb in motor feeder?

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what is the difference between megger and earth tester?

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megger generates D.C. voltage while earth tester generates A.C.voltage is it true? I know for megger it is D.C generator but what about earth tester?

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I have cleared IOCL written exam(Electrical). My intv is on 6/9/2008.can anyone guide me & tellme abt intv questions.

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what is relay

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I am abt to give IOCL intrv.Plz sir guide me for IOCL intrvw (Electrical).Which subject to be consider. questions are generally asked from which subject.Plz help me out.


Input power is 380 - 450 V but with 45 - 55 Hz frequency - desired output is 415 V and 50hz with 1% variation permissible. CVT / Servo dont stabilize the Frequency - what is best solution??

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1> what r different types of fault in cables? How will u locate and test these faults? 2> why earth wire is provided on top throughout the transmission line. why not only on towers? How much area it can protect? 3> what r different types of transmission losses? How power loss can be minimized? 4> what is the % of power loss on transmission lines?

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IOCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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