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IOCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why ss stablity limit is more transient stablity limit?


which motor is used in electric train...???????

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Why are use 22 kv 3ph supply ?

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how do we connect mcb in our home?and how does it work?

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is dc shunt moter oprate on ac? if no why? if yes how?

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What is the basic of DTH.


tell me about xlpe cable?

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What are HT & LT Cables? What are their values?

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What are armoured cables?

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What are the layers of protection over armoured cables?

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What are insulation classes? Tell examples of each of them.

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What are the different types of circuit breakers?

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What is the difference between air & vaccum circuit breakers?

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What are the components of a substation?

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What is ELCB?

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IOCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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