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IOCL Instrumentation Interview Questions
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please send the hpcl (instrumentation) model placement papers to my mail....

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Someone please do mail me some instrumentation questions for Hindustan Petroleum test to .Really would be gateful if someone could help me

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please send the sample qustion paper for iocl written test ..


please send me the inteview questions in IOCL


Sir i am preparing for PSU exam for ONGC but i am not able to get the appropriate syllabus and previous year question papers. Kindly send me the same, that will be a great help from ur side. OR if anyone can plz send me the papers and syllabus please.

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1.what is the role of proportional comtroller in pid controller?2.How do u calibrate the control valve?

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I have got a call of IOCL interview for projects having 2yrs experience. What sort of questions should I expect in the interview?


any body who gone thru recent iocl interview.INSTRUMENTATION questions. I need.


Sir, I want junior executive, Instrumentation question papaer for IOCL, Plz send to


without a positionar can a control valve operate? give the difference of operating with positionar and without positionar?

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in a electronic controller why we are using 250 ohm resistance in input signal?is i/p is necessary in control valve when we are using electronic controller give details?

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what is interlock ckt? why it is necessary in industrial machines ?

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how can we caliberate interface level troll

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HI, can anybody give details about GAS TREATMENT PLANT CONSTRUCTION,as INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER what are the responsibilites.what are the instruments mainly instrumentation engineer will deal with


how many types of spped sensors n vibration sensors?their basic principle n connection?


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IOCL Instrumentation Interview Questions

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