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IOCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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when will be the iocl interview results ifaced the interview on september 8 th


i have attended the interview on 4th June,08 at Kolkata in IOCL, can anybody tell me what is its result


How do you reverse the direction of rotation of a FAN?

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sir please send me iocl written test paper in my e-mail account. i'll be obliged to you........ thank u roshan


what is the funda of earthing? Explain breifly about earthing?

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what is the problem occer in motor

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what is the difference in MCB, MCCB, RCCB, ELCB, & MPCB (motor protection circuit bracker)

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where this neutral connection goes after returning from the load(home ,factory,industries).Is it grounded at the transformer side or atthe generator side .If it is grounded then we also ground the earth there any problem with this.

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which type of starter is suitable for single phase motor ?

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explain why tap changer is always connected to high voltage winding side of the transformer.

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IS there any mechanical connection between the field winding and armature winding of a dc generator?

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DC Motors applications used in Lift/Elevators

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What should be the value of earth resistance for an instrumentation/electronic circuit? As per which IS/IEC Code?

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when the direction of a 3phase induction motor is reversed , is there any losses increases?

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why use phase displacement in transformer.and effect of phase displacement on transformer


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IOCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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