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Intel VLSI Interview Questions
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Different ways of implementing a comparator?

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What r the phenomenon which come into play when the devices are scaled to the sub-micron lengths?

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What is clock feed through?

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Implement an Inverter using a single transistor?

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What is Fowler-Nordheim Tunneling?

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Insights of a Tri-state inverter?

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If an/ap = 0.5, an/ap = 1, an/ap = 3, for 3 inverters draw the transfer characteristics?


Differences between Array and Booth Multipliers?


Explain the concept of a Clock Divider Circuit? Write a VHDL code for the same?

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Which gate is normally preferred while implementing circuits using CMOS logic, NAND or NOR? Why?

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Insights of a Tri-State Inverter?

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Basic Stuff related to Perl?


Have you studied buses? What types?

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Have you studied pipelining? List the 5 stages of a 5 stage pipeline. Assuming 1 clock per stage, what is the latency of an instruction in a 5 stage machine? What is the throughput of this machine ?

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How many bit combinations are there in a byte?

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Intel VLSI Interview Questions

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