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Intel VLSI Interview Questions
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For f = AB+CD if B is S-a-1, what r the test vectors needed to detect the fault?

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Explain various adders and diff between them?

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Explain the working of 4-bit Up/down Counter?


A circuit has 1 input X and 2 outputs A and B. If X = HIGH for 4 clock ticks, A = 1. If X = LOW for 4 clock ticks, B = 1. Draw a state diagram for this Spec?

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Advantages and disadvantages of Mealy and Moore?

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Id vs. Vds Characteristics of NMOS and PMOS transistors?

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Explain the operation of a 6T-SRAM cell?


Differences between DRAM and SRAM?

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Implement a function with both ratioed and domino logic and merits and demerits of each logic?


Given a circuit and asked to tell the output voltages of that circuit?

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How can you construct both PMOS and NMOS on a single substrate?


What happens when the gate oxide is very thin?

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What is setup time and hold time?

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Write a pseudo code for sorting the numbers in an array?

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What is pipelining and how can we increase throughput using pipelining?

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Intel VLSI Interview Questions

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