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iGate Informatica Interview Questions
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Tell me how many tables used in Ur project and how many fact tables and dimension tables used in ur project

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what are the challenge face in u r project?explain me

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write a sql query following source? subject mark maths 30 science 20 social 80 requird output maths science social 30 20 80

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Write a query to display Which deptno is containing highest Sal > avg (sum (Sal)) of all deptno; Avg (sum (Sal)) o f all deptno= 9675 Deptno, sum (Sal) 10 8750 20 10875 30 9400

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I have Flat file like the data, sal have 10,000. I want to load the data in the same format as sal as 10,000. Can anybody know the answer means please mail me. Thanks in advance.. My mail id is

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SOURCE 1 a 1 b 1 c 2 a 2 b 2 c TARGET 1 A B C 2 A B C In oracle & informatica level how to achieve

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yesterday my session run ten its run 30min, wt is the reason? if any issues how to solve that?

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how we can do session partition in informatica any one explain me clearly? thanks advance.

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iGate Informatica Interview Questions

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