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iGate Interview Questions
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Write a query Where,Groupby,having clauses?

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How to call the dll at runtime in .Net?

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What are all the modules covered under SCM ?????? Will anybody explains me ??? Thanks in advance. Somu

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Hi, My interviewer ask A calls B and C calls B, a and b are static c and b are dynamic.what happens if they compile and execute at same time.

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What is Revenue Recognition? It's relevance with SAP SD module along with it's detailed configuration procedure & steps?

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In DownPayment Request processing suppose let us take a scenario where in customer has to pay 1 lacs rupees . He already paid some 30,000 rupees. In such a case how do you know to which G/L account this partial amount is posted to?/ How we will come to know that which G/L account has been determined for this Total amount as well for Partial amount in DownPayment Procedure in SAP SD.Please provide detailed answer.

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Is there any link/ Connection/ Integration between Stock Transport Order & Third Party process? Provide detailed answer. Thanks in advance.

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How is shipment cost calculated? Give detailed explantion with Configuration Procedure , Steps, T-codes etc Regards

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What do you mean by Multidimensional Pricing? Also what do you mean by Two dimensional Pricing? Explain in detail with help of Business Scenarios & live examples.

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what is document flow? and in which table document flow data wil be store? its a recently asked question from wipro technologies. so pls guide me in detail

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In initial project resources how can u distribute 1 crore amount among various modules like FI,CO,HR,PP,MM,SA,ABAP & BASIS etc.


what is the form name for use functional spec? what are the steps in functional specs?


I have posted asset with 1,00,000/- value. After posted I want to segregate the same asset with 2 dep.terms i.e.25000/- with SLM and 75000/- with Decli.value. how do u customize this settings in asset accounting?

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How do u create the asset exp.I purchase 5 lands. Now I want to post 1 land with 1 account determination and 4 land with 1 account determination. how would you customize this settings in asset accounting?

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what is controlling object for settlement of prod.order?

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iGate Interview Questions

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