Human Resources Interview Questions
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Hi, I have 2 yrs of experience in Recruitment in the ITeS industry. I would be moving to US next year. I wanted to know the job opportunities available and how i need to equip myself for the same.


describe different skills required for a manager and pesponsibilities of a professional manager.


what is hrm

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relatationship between motivation and reward?

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Why did you leave your last company?

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I have done my MBA-Hr and i have experience of 1 year in a consultancy, in recruitment. Now i have left the present job and attending the interview, and i have doubts like, if i have been asked what is headhunting? what should i answer. how should have explain and give my personal round of interview? please suggest.

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I want to know, how is the scope for recruiters in the future after 3 to 4 years?

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what is change management? what strategies do organisations adopt to manage change?

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can be pf deduction made from management trainee salary

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I am working as recruiter in consultancy firm. Now I am looking for job change in the field of HR-Payroll,Generalist,Admin. In one of recent interview for HR Payroll, they asked me Why are you looking for job change and why from recruitment to Payroll. I was unable to answer this question. Can anyone tell me how to go about it. Thanks in advance...........

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why u have choosen software field even though ur a management expert?

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why uve chosen ur specialization as HR and Retail?

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Wat Kind of Interview questions can we expect when attending an HR Interview?

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Being a Human Resources Manager how will you formulate an effective HRP process?

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we have an urgent requirement in our organization for MBA HR freshers in hyderabad. Please send your resume on before 18/12/2008

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For How many days salary is paid ? for how many days wages is paid ?


What is compliance and what is the procedure of statutory compliance. Also can anybody send me the procedure for the same purpose. Thanks and Regards, HEERA KAMBOJ


details about managerial effectiveness


How ethical issues can be sorted in Quality Systems


One of the difficulties our company has is evaluating suggestions in a timely manner. What changes would you make to expedite evaluations?


How are the various factors of production affected by global competition? Do we manage people any differently in a globally competitive environment?


what justifies that you have an aptitude for management educative training?


What is the difference between role and position?


how do you purpose to serve the society after becoming a management professional at saraswati institute of management and technology?


What do you understand by the term 'Big 4s'?


what is the recruitment process in BPOs?


Can u tell me about your Personal Life?


What is sexual harassment?


what is the 4 major purposrs of manpower management


Describe a time when you anticipated a problem and developed a potential solution?