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what is management in one sentence    11  6962
what r the steps in operation management    0  389
what is agenda of hr ?    2  2441
I have 2 yrs exp in hr (recruitment,admn) now i'm working as a crm with some hr exposure? Is this ok ?    0  420
what do u know about consultency?    2  2365
I've done my n llb.after 3yrs gap am in trials for a job, iwas asked "why should a company pay u Rs.8000/- pm, how would u justify 8000/-? i was answerless, plz anybody can help me out.    0  462
why do you want a career in HR,where as you did your project in finance?? infosys   0  575
i have done B.E. in Mechanical and now i m pusuing PGDM in HR. how can my engneering degree will be helpful to me in HR job.    0  364
why hr?    2  2518
from a strategic perspective how can senior management make the best use of the human resource function    1  3276
what are the key issues that should be addressed in the desingn,conduct and evaluation of training programs    0  858
"Is honesty always the best policy?"    3  2939
What do you mean by achievement?    0  669
WHAT IS HR KRA ?    3  4819
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Un-Answered Questions
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can anyone give me the HR related questions of National Insurance's written exam? 843
what is deference selection and hiring? what is end to end recruitment process? Is Ownership is the Driving Force For Overall Development? Is Ownership is the Driving Force For Overall Development? 1098
in which ways should the work structure change to make it easier for employees to actively practise what she/he has learned form a training intervention? 457
why do you want to do mba after bsc zoology hons 1478
Aside from the requiement to be reasonable and fair, what action should an employer take when faced with a redundancy situation to alleviate this? 348
what recruitment techniques will u adopt? 692
What are the key isssues that should be addressed in the design, conduct, and evaluation of training programs? 393
i m preparing dissertation on "how effective an HR function in 21st century in modern organisation". i have to prepare quessioner on this topic, can u all please help me what question i should put on it. thank you for help 375
Give some Examples of Motivation? & explain ? 1116
What is sexual harassment? 470
what is patent rights and copy rights 538
Who is an ideal team worker according to you? 1024
what are the methods to measure managerial effectiveness 3640
Explain the them Corporate Governance Yesterday, today & Tomorrow" 764
what should be the components of a fair policy with regard to collecting, maintaining, and dissemination information about employees? 511
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