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How to prepare the Use behavioral indicators and BARS based rating scales?    0  1072
please mention the latest trends and tools in recruitment process?    1  2361
How to Reduce short term attrition substantially by conducting motives and self image analysis?    0  555
How to Calculate costs associated with bad recruitment?    0  688
what is management in one sentence    11  7096
what r the steps in operation management    0  405
what is agenda of hr ?    2  2461
I have 2 yrs exp in hr (recruitment,admn) now i'm working as a crm with some hr exposure? Is this ok ?    0  432
what do u know about consultency?    2  2389
I've done my n llb.after 3yrs gap am in trials for a job, iwas asked "why should a company pay u Rs.8000/- pm, how would u justify 8000/-? i was answerless, plz anybody can help me out.    0  475
why do you want a career in HR,where as you did your project in finance?? infosys   0  587
i have done B.E. in Mechanical and now i m pusuing PGDM in HR. how can my engneering degree will be helpful to me in HR job.    0  371
why hr?    2  2547
from a strategic perspective how can senior management make the best use of the human resource function    1  3322
what are the key issues that should be addressed in the desingn,conduct and evaluation of training programs    0  877
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Un-Answered Questions
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HR generalist position is a key position in advising, assisting and reporting to HR head, in such a case what are your strengths and work attitude? 2003
howto recruit the people in the hr also how to manage human in business? 526
what is the difference between organizational structure and design 2359
2. What do you enjoy about your work place? 3. What is your work ethic? Give an example when your work ethic was challenged and how you dealt with it. 2286
How to prepare the Use behavioral indicators and BARS based rating scales? 1072
what is the mandatory t code for frontend recruitment process? 971
What was the most difficult presentation that you've had to make? How did you overcome the difficulty? 903
How much, do you think, is the role of recruiter important in a placement? 577
what are all the human resource policies? 2266
what r adv of data bank to organisation? 631
list the detailed advantages and disadvantages of off the job training 2312
How would you describe your own personality 591
As a manager, did you ever fire anyone? If so, what were the reasons and how did you handle it 462
Who is an ideal team worker according to you? 1034
Its being commonly asked during every interview like, Would u plz like to introduce urself?? it donesn,t fall under any category wich is placed over here, so i,ve selected this category after been choiceless. Can any one plz give me vivid ans for this Q>.. 572
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