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what do u know about consultency?    2  2106
I've done my n llb.after 3yrs gap am in trials for a job, iwas asked "why should a company pay u Rs.8000/- pm, how would u justify 8000/-? i was answerless, plz anybody can help me out.    0  413
why do you want a career in HR,where as you did your project in finance?? infosys   0  481
i have done B.E. in Mechanical and now i m pusuing PGDM in HR. how can my engneering degree will be helpful to me in HR job.    0  290
why hr?    2  2235
from a strategic perspective how can senior management make the best use of the human resource function    1  2913
what are the key issues that should be addressed in the desingn,conduct and evaluation of training programs    0  725
"Is honesty always the best policy?"    3  2505
What do you mean by achievement?    0  585
WHAT IS HR KRA ?    3  4394
what is the difference between MORALE and motivation    2  8401
this is a very repetive question but i realy cant answer this question y should we take u in our college/company icfai   1  1533
What are the key issues that should be addressed in the design conduct and evaluate of training programs?    1  4787
what is HRM ?? what's their role??    2  1721
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Un-Answered Questions
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How ethical issues can be sorted in Quality Systems 482
in which ways should the work structure change to make it easier for employees to actively practise what she/he has learned form a training intervention? 397
why u choose MBA hr ofter BSC life science. 552
Hey Guyz I m a 8th sem student.i want to make my career in human resource management.a project has submitted in college in the end of this sem. should i take my training in language or should i find the hr job? can i get a job in human resource managements after or firstly i have to do MBA. pls tell me i m very confused....... pls... can also tell me in this e-mail id (she is my sister) 451
Recruitment and selection of HR in HUL 5161
i am an mba with specialization in hr i want to make a career in tanning .what should i do for that?is ther any other coures which i should do. 413
Role of an HR professional in transformational change in a health care industry. 354
How would you describe your own personality 513
what are the various off the job training methods? 755
Human resource management in retailing business 349
What are the key issues that should be addressed in the design, conduct and evaluation of training programs? 350
All the IT Companies paid more Dividend" If yes,Explain in detail,IF no justify the Answer 797
The present state of recession in the IT Industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning to Macro level to tide over the crisis 811
I have done MBA in HR but now i have 1 year exp of marketing. how can i justify the same in HR interview. 549
Why TDS is deducted? 520
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