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mix design procedure for 1:6 cement mortar    0  399
calculate the quantity of water for 1:6 cement mortar pratibha-industries   0  490
which semiconductor device is used as voltage regulator & why?? hcl   5  3427
What is the size of a 60 watt and 80 watt tubelight?    0  610
Why we can't start a tube light without a starter(choke) and an inductor?    1  2056
What is the disadventage of gland earthing(power cable) if any. ?    0  404
is EEE eligible for getting electrical supervisor certificate ? if yes then from which state i sud apply ongc   0  742
how to calculate diesel consumption of a D.G.Set?    3  3034
what is difference between armoured cable and un armoured cable    2  12033
What is capicity of cap lock scffolding stander(vertical member) and ledger of different size? gammon   0  709
What should be the magnetic balance test values for a 3 phase delta/star connected single primary dual secondary winding transformer (90 MVA / 2 X 45 MVA TRANSFORMER)    0  285
how much of quantity of material required for execution of one cubic meter of random rubble masonry in 1:3 cement mortar    0  530
Why starters are using the machines??? alstom   5  3195
what's the activities of reactor in Buchholz relay? yahoo   1  1328
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Un-Answered Questions
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please provide me the calculation for the thickness of duplex stainless steel pipeline thickness used in process industry ( Water). The details are given below. Diameter : 3" and 4" Thickness : 3.91mm, SCH40 Operating pressure : 62 bar Operating Temp : 35 degree ASME31.3 497
In single core cable, Why non-magnetic material is used?? 373
how to calculate earth fault relay current and CBCT ratio 2906
how to decide the mortar ratio 1:4,1:6 in masonry? same in plaster 1:3 and 1:4? which code or any document reference taken to define proportion? 186
What are operating procudures & Safety precautions to be observed while operating OLTC in manual mode ? 300
We have a distribution transformer of 750KVA/11kv/440v and an AVR (Servo Stabilizer) of 750KVA on the LT side of distribution transformer. Also we have an ACB of 1200A on the output of distribution transformer (that is on the input of AVR). We want to have an MCCB on the output of AVR. What should be the rating? 159
Describe the colour rendering properties of i) tungsten filament lamps ii) tubular fluorescent lamp 473
How does "OUT OF STEP" relay ,for Synchronous motor protection, work? 2614
What types of high speed CMOS circuits have you designed? 541
What happens if we give the supply to the rotor of induction motor and make its terminal shorted? 1116
why we use cascade control and feed foreword control in 3 element control of boiler drum ?what is feed forward and cascade control system ? 678
I am having a 42KW 3 phase electrical heating furnace, heating element is 80/20 nichrome material, my connections is made in such a way that 2 star connection compromising 2 coils per phase so totally 12 coils, shall if i use it unbalanced star condition (instead of 2 group of 3 phase or 1 group of 3 phase, connecting 4 phases of 5 phases) what will be the consequences and is it acceptable? 138
please send me the L&T Emb. sys. placement papers and entire details of pattren 694
What will be the effect of circulating current in HT xlpe cable when both the armour ends are grounded. Will the termination fils after some time in case of 33 kv supply. 521
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