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iu6589u    1  211
I am having a DG set.The 415 V from Generator is step up to 460 v and then the same is used for Induction furnace. before Step up, I am connecting LT load to my factory use. When Induction furnace is in service from DG, when i try to start a motor, the generator is tripped.Please tell me the reason.    3  479
sir iam a 3rd yr eee core company comes for recruitment to our aim is to be placed in l and t.tell me the procedures.    0  124
why do some transmission towers have two insulators at one side and three insulators at the other side    2  409
Write a program to maintain a singly linked list having the following functions: a) Creation of the list b) Displaying the list. c) Swap all nodes at consecutive even odd positions. E.g.: The nodes at position 1 should be swapped with node 2, node 3 with node 4 and so on. cdac   0  848
2. The heaviest and lightest strings on a certain violin have linear densities of 3.0 and 0.29 g/m. What is the ratio of the diameter of the heaviest string to that of the lightest string, assuming that the strings are of the same material?    1  305
How can we increase fuel-power ratio of any DG set?    0  120
why we are using mineral wool as insulation material than glass wool , in india?    0  152
power 148kw i need exat cable size in 148 kw in 3phase what size of cable can i used.    3  521
what is the basic difference between Coloumn & Shear Wall    0  162
in a distribution board,if we have a load and we have selected a cable after making all calcs (Deratings and V.D , ect...) the cable we have selected was 10mm.sq. now, shall the internal cable inside the switchboard should be 10 mm.sq Like the external or it can be Less???? if somebody have an specs or information he can help D:    1  273
what is the use of pressure filter? tata   7  979
What is Heavy Concrete & Normal Concrete npcil   0  174
Why ss Steel is not using in RCC concrete. npcil   2  1547
wht diff bet single & three phase?    3  629
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the seal packing gland for turbine? 114
what is the vital subject for scoring bhel exam&what is the question pattern 248
hi.i m priya ,got shortlisted for syndicate bank po interview.When can we expect the interview to happen? n wat shud we our main focus while preparing 4 it.....need to revise btech subjects??Do they expect much for Banking Terminology.plz provide me someuseful links in this interview on 25 sep , plz send the interview details ,who are all before going to attend the interview ,,,it will be very useful for me .. thanks 206
i want all question & answers of the written exam 201
how the testing of protection CT Testing done through Primary injection kit please describe in detail procedure... 248
what is the difference between direct loading and indirect loading? 198
In case of salient pole alternator when number of poles are 4 or more than 4 it helps the flux wave to be sinusoid as air gap length is increased from center to tip , but if the number of poles are 2 how does the flux wave is sinusoidal? 171
How many bricks are required for 100 sq ft 5" & 3" wall, Brick size= 230x115x75 11
What are LAPD and LAPDm? 159
i am completed in B.E(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) with 8 months experience in Quality Control Engineer at Bharathi Industries,Coimbatore. 123
why most of junction box vendors providing T5/T6 Temp class jb's for T3 area any special reason? 252
describe how your code can determine if the user entered an input box value or click the cancel button? 10
what is the difference between capacitive and resistive voltage divider? 339
What is the difference between conduction type motor and induction type motor? 615
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