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What type welding electrode is used to weld chrome? iocl   0  238
What causes a hydraulic cylinder to skip?    0  235
What is meant by running clearance?    0  215
When we open the door of refrigerator then we feel hot,why? barc   3  2823
what is the formula to find Amp. for an 3 phase moter both if H.P. or if kW is known?    5  934
Why we use less dia. fuse and conductors at H.T. side, although we use higher dia. cables on L.t. side?    3  1120
what is the burdon in case of relays?    1  290
about 200 cubic mtr    0  136
Why does capacitor block dc supply? bhel   5  1305
what is the mixing ratio of the cement mortar for tiles fixing in floor tiles?    5  1665
how to calculate current in HT side when we having LT current    2  683
Can we use the Poly Phenly Sulphide instead of Poly Phenly Ether? Do clarify your opinion.    1  226
If a motor of 30KW rating &200 mtrs distance from feeder give me the cable size selection calculation?    0  158
what is a device net.    1  443
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Un-Answered Questions
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DVC2000 performent: travel ??? and not output signal 169
What are diffrent type of road taxes? 113
Can Any body tell me about the Contact or Email id of any good Consultancy which help me to find a job in Instrumentation Field in India .I have Six years of Work Experience in the Same field.Please revert me back on ? 143
in parallel operation of power transformer why the distance between power transformer and capacitor bank feeder is necessary to know 197
meaning of engineering ... 238
What is the Systematic Responsibility Site Engineer? Who are the above and under co-oridinating ? What is office & Site co-ordination of Site Engineer? 150
hiiiiiiiiiiii 243
wt is dynamic coupling???? 167
Write a note on materials used as a fuse element. 191
describe the Operation of induction generators from bus bars 288
03. a. The water cement ratio for achieving maximum strength of concrete is…… 1 b. Water/ cement is inversely proportional to-------------- 1 c. Increasing the slump decreases the strength: True / false 1 203
Sir, we are manufacturer of splitter machine. we joint two knifes with welding electrode, BEST ARC, and ADOR, Grade E6013. but the time of welding the welded area comes to wear, what meterial(Electrode)is suitableto our requirement.this knife is press with Hydraulic operation. 237
When we are calculating the heat load sheets,why we are not considering the heat developed from the blood in the human body.Also both men & women can't acess aircondition in same way..women feel too cool even at 22 degree,while men can overcome that. 256
the transient state stability limit of a system wherin power is transmitted throgh a double transmission line is (a)equal to steady state stability limit (b)more than its steady state stability limit (c)less than than its steady state stability limit (d)equal to its dynamic stability limit 367
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