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why select the 3 phase power supply system in electrical system. yamaha   3  2783
what is ratio of copper wire size and current ?    0  285
why motor range is available 22kv,30kv,37kv,45kv and so on? why motor range is not available 21kv,24,25,26,27kv and so on? psu   0  1149
Can a 9" x 24" RCC beam be supported on 18" x 18" RCC beam. asd-lab   1  2752
iam completed my DEEE in eillm university. can i get the c licence in tamilnadu its possible or not    1  1032
Whether should be the oil level in OCTC transfomer? It should be upto winding immersed completely or should be upto tap changer s/w? How it will affect the performance of the transformer. Rating may be 33KVA    0  335
how much inducation voltage shows in 11 kv    0  775
What is process of anneling transformer core    0  291
If ct ratio is 250/1 and mtr is of 5 amp, what will be mf?    1  589
If i=10+10sin314t then find the rms and average value of current with explain? heptacare   0  1389
how to calculate regulation constants for over head lines? and what are the regulation constant for raccoon conductor at different voltage level and different P.F?    0  377
how can I improve the current at same voltage? if yes is there any circuits?    2  1240
can you any one give exact mathematical relation between AC current and DC current?    0  271
i have to give lap joint fo 1Mtr steel of dia12mm,whenever i did mistake i cut less 5cm plz tell me how much i will give lap joint so that length comes 1Mtr    0  372
how to calculate singlephase motor efficiency? alstom   0  534
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Un-Answered Questions
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what parameters should we check to reduce the power bill 544
What is the difference between conduction type motor and induction type motor? 2973
I have 150/1A Rating CT Suppose if i inject 15A in CT " Secondary" means what will happen ?????? 371
I need BHEL apptitude questions 640
how we calculate the induced air capacity of id fan of a boiler? 340
explain remenance . differentiate high remenance type ct & low remenance type ct 287
Explain how the cylinder lubrication on main engine is done? 377
I want to put this query to SENIOR & EXPERIENCED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. 1)I want to know about the control circuit diagrams for control panels. I found it difficult to understand. Is there ant booklet through which we can learn the circuit diagrams? 2)I want to learn about conduiting, laying cables, preparing cable schedules and various techniques which is the part of building infrastucture(construction field). I don't have any experience in this area. I have experience in control panels only. that's why i am not getting any opening in building infrastucture (construction field).Can I get the job in this field as Trainee Engineer? How to enter this field? I need job in PUNE 400
If you have an earth with pilecap then your resistance is really low. why and how? 270
reversing of each word in the string 477
If we have 450 mm height boiler drum level, so what is span & zero value for a dpt transmitter? 1568
is there any method to interact with LnT ER300P trivector meters and fetch data from that online from remote? the distance between the meter and the pc will be about 4 km.plz reply.thanks 984
What are RC and L/R time constants? What is their significance? 335
A mass of 1200g is accelerated at 200 cm/s2by a force. The value of the force required is:(a) 2.4N(b) 2400N(c) 240 kN(d) 0.24N 99
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