Engineering Interview Questions
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i want to know that what is the eligibility critaria for ongc exam?


i want to know about psu exam eligibility critaria?


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what is mixing ratio of M25?

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What is differance betwwen Conventional MCC & Inteligent MCC?

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where we use 1 phase & 3 phase supply ?what is major advantage using 3 phase over than single phase ?

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i need 24v dc from 230v ac supply how we can getit ? what are the devices &its rating requied for that ? plzz i need answer urgently .thank u

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what is mean by branch predication


can we use light duty vehicle axle into the heavy duty machinery axle ? if no then why?

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What is the operating range of voltage and current in grid supply in India?


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can we produce cosine wave instead of sine wave? will it usefull?


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what could be the RMS value and average value of a 4 phase sine wave?



what is the advantage of NiCd battery over Lead acid battery?


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What is the operating range(tolerance) of voltage and frequency of grid supply in india?


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what is servo motar?

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whenever any squirrel or a crow falls on the transformer input line then there is a big explosion and 440 volts of power is being discharged through the neutral line due to which appliances in off mode are also burned.we have earthing for the transformer as well as the bus bar chamber.why is it happening?

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Un-Answered Questions { Engineering }

what is the use of expulsition protective gap in 11Kv line.


how u measure/calculate renge of capacitor,capacitor has no any rating tag.what is the theory of measure of capacitons.


block diagram of 2 ups system connected in hot stand by mode?


In EDO ACBs what is a purpose of closing coil and motor, what is the operation of these devices are they inetconnected. means if we give supply to motor and by BCS we charge Closing coil,what exact is operation is and how it charge a spring of ACB. Sir if anybody has an wiring diagram please send me the link to operate and EDO breaker.


Can anyone explain me the operating principle of the megger tester?( I just know that its diflection relates with the ratio of currents of control & diflecting coil. I need more information as breif as possible)


where the lexical paramater will use in fron end?


how many load we can take for lighting


Explain Active power,reactive power,how its related to each other , & inductive ,capacitive.


why Induction Generators are not "Black start" ? and apart from WTGs where this types of generator are generally used?


Dear sir, my knowledge about cable size determination is limited. Though I read examples I could not calculate the Cable size required for electric driven pump 40 KW, 380 Volt, 50 HZ, 50 meter from transformer and it is three phase star delta starting. Please help as there is no one in my surroundings to help.


How to calculate Volume of Wet cement concrete for a specific grade?


what is proper capacitor placement? How to evaluate capacitor size?


what is Different between Bilinear and Unilenier?


he working principle of milk analyzer?how it is calculating Fat and Snf?


i m a frsh chemical engineer now i m confuse to attend the interview so anybody pls send model question papers to this