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one MT of steel for using how much binding wire required?    5  3588
how to calculate the circular beam reinforcement.its a helipad beam. Dia of bar 25 mm. if its consider any elongation? gammon   0  759
MES NEW DELHI mes   1  1950
which is more harder ductile or brittle..????    1  2139
what is the process for double acting cylinder pneumatic for 32' v/v    0  456
i/p converter always for supply pessure from 3~15 psi only !! And from where this converter bleed the air.    2  2166
what is stroke check for field instument transmetter's & AOV's    0  535
how to converate kva to kw ?    4  2522
what is the difference between high impedance & low impedance l&t   1  1640
how to get electrical supervisor competency certificate in gujarat. i did 3 year diploma in electrical    0  501
what is shutoff dp? why is it important for selection of a control valve?    1  6424
I am having 120KVA UPS,which is connected to DG & normal power. What is the power drawn by this system when system is running on DG ????    2  1292
Calculator battery power goes down to 1V from 1.6V in 15 days... What could be the reason? hamilton   0  832
In a 3 phase system a neutral exists so that any unbalanced currents can flow through it towards earth.... but a phase demands a particular current as per the load attached to it....then where does the extra current come from the goes in the neutral??....I mean in an unbalanced system a phase demands a current as per its load attached....then where does the unbalanced current come from??    1  963
1.what is the reason for transformer and lightning arrester blast in 33kv system integra   1  1680
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the protections for safe running of electric generator? 499
documentation on improved trace buffer via Selective Data Capture Using 2-D Compaction for Post-Silicon Debug 368
Valve positioner and actuators in detail. 143
what is the breaking capacity and making capacity of circuit breaker and how 309
Which tests are performed on soil to decide the type of foundation to be provided. 165
Is there any Institution for giving M-tech in Electrical engineering for those who r in service? Give the details please. 401
Specific Heat of Bagasse at 50% moisture, 40% moisture and 25% moisture? 36
wat you mean by harmonics? why you r using isolation transformer in digital ups or in normal means igbt ups? 332
How to calculate per unit impedance of transformer? 376
Tell me all plants load factors i.e which plant operating on which load? 425
234 MVA Generator 3 phase Short circuit current Values required? Gen set Rating-234 MVA, Gen Voltage-18kv, PF;0.8, Xdv:23.5 %, Transformer Rating-18/380KV, 680MVA,Yndd1 two winding, Step up TR, ZT:35.50 %,X/R 4.33 Gen CB Position, CB open ,Disconnected open, Generator Running Voltage 18 Kv, Bi mistakes generator side earth switch Closed during that time short circuit current level in 3 Phase required, and how to test on site 234MVA Generator Short circuit current, 316
I have got an interview for a higher apprenticeship at JCB next week, the interview process consists of group and solo tasks, and group and solo interviews. Has anyone got any information in what I should expect on the day, or the frequently asked questions so I can get a head start. 772
what is commisioning procedure,2)what is is the main work in commisioning in the field tx to dcs, plz send me detail 595
why and how voltage sharing in transformer, during magnetic balance test ? 509
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