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Can you calibrate, troubleshoot and repair instruments? Which tools do you use for the same? focus   0  829
Distance to be maximum distance we can install instruments from PLC panel? focus   0  1340
Can be operate control valve without positioning if yes ? how and why? focus   4  2446
What degree do you need to become a biomedical engineer? What isyour average work schedule?    0  1088
Can anybody tell me what the breakdown voltage is for air and what it is for transformer oil please?    4  1578
how can I install "operating system " in may HART communicator? It is damaged, and it doesn't boot up. arpc   1  969
How to select the rating of the Transformer?    2  1361
When we will do simulation for I/P?IF WE DO SIMULATION through which way either series or parallel? tvs   1  1509
Does induction motor start with dc power supply???? essar   4  2252
how many square meter plastering get from 1 cubic meter cement mortar for a thickness of 12mm    3  4649
why elcb used in circuit abb   4  1676
sir i am fresher.can you please tell me how can i get certificate of competency as electrical supervisor. ongc   1  431
why ie corona losses in tranmission line    0  304
what is the realation of voltage & current.    1  1617
why we use 50hz frequency in india why not other frequencies like 52,59,42 etc    4  1861
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Un-Answered Questions
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can any one send me all the interview questions and test questions on strength of materials . to 438
i can access command prompt in my pc. when i type cmd in run,message comes-you are admin. why is it so? how can acces it by just logging in as a user and not as admin.????? 341
why more extraction are resticated in steam turbine? 694
howmany electrician should maintain for a 1000 kva used plant... in kerala.. 172
in tpp how steam pr. decreases from steam drum to main steam line 493
can we use CBCT in neutral of solidly grounded transformer? in place of three phases we can pass only one phase which decreases the size of CBCT? 340
Transfer function is == ? a. Mathematical model b. System with no physical structure c. Can be calculated through differential equations 22
oil cooled transformer 511
plz send me the website of dmrc for previous questions papers 520
Is there any Electrical supervisor license which gives permit to work whole India rather than individual state?? 243
What should be the values of settling time, peak time, steady state error, overshoot, rise time, MPOS (Maximum percent over shoot) to keep the system in transient state, to keep the system in steady state ? 489
What are the things to do when approaching the port? 341
What is critcal speed. what is resonant frequency. why we want to cross crtcal speed on higher RPM (early). 452
What is the earth treantment procedure? 279
types of cable..? Use of every types of cable..? 397
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