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testing ZNYn11(d) vector group transformer    1  1828
why transformer rating in KVA ? bhel   8  3921
how make megger test for control cable like 12c x 1.5mm and what it apply voltage and test timing details.    0  461
why we use the casacade ??    3  2519
what are the proper pipes for salt water line ivrcl   0  453
what is pH value of sewage&water.if pH value is given then how to calculate H+.    2  2166
what is assumption consumption of steel per m3 for raft    1  703
why the field winding of synchronous machine is excited by dc source    2  2264
If a line which is drawing approximatly 2100amps what should be earthing streep size(using galwanize streep)?    2  974
diffrence between cnc and nc?? tech-mahindra   2  2660
difference between lead screw and ball screw??? tech-mahindra   2  2214
M30 Grade Concrete unit weight    3  6572
how synchronous condenser is used in place of synchronous generator with out negotiating IEEE standards? Can i use 3 generators as synchronous generators and 2 generators as a synchronous condensers in an IEEE 14 bus system with out disturbing the standards?    0  443
in which code refer the change of reinforcement dia defer to drawing . i.e. 12mm dai into 16mm dia.    3  2080
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the electrical? 249
how to ctrl motor by use of ac or dc drive.plz explain evdintly 360
3- What is the target from Zero Impedance, Single Phase Imp., S/C Imp. and magnetic balance tests? 321
What is Annunciation? 363
Why required store to Factory? 275
what are the Types of End User in dbms? 1705
What is difference between Harmonic and Non harmonic Capacitor Bank? 729
sir i have cleared the apti test of EIL held on 15th march and my interview will be in new delhi on 2nd june.i will be very much helpful if u help me regarding the type of interview questions comes at EIL.(URGENT.........PLZZZZZZZZZZ...............) 487
i am having information technology branh ....... can i prepare for psu exam 545
How many load in 15 kva DG set? 114
to draw bm diagrams for portal frames under different loadings// 1191
how to calulate short circuit current for the following: 1.cable connecting 11KV of 22KV/11KV transformer to 11Kv of 11KV/415V transformer 2.what cable size should i use. 516
Significance/Uses/effect of Rolling Margin ? 162
please describe the Transformer setting, Motor setting, I/C setting, Tie setting 209
can i able to get bhel previous exam question paper? 513
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