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how do the stepper motor works. vardhman   1  335
we use 3 phase supply for induction motor why not use two phase supply .    4  787
what is the effect of change in supply frequency on load angle of synchronous motor,all other parameters remaining same?    0  236
what is the difference b/w ground & virtual ground? accenture   0  110
what is bearing and how manytype of bearing    1  406
what is the diff btw address and memory location?    3  640
what is the diff btw pulse analog and pulse digital modulation?    2  614
Give 3 phase transformer connections for 24 pulse rectifier using thyristors.    0  225
How do you calculate the amount of feedback given in a negative feedback amplifier ? Illustrate    2  510
what's the thickness of 1.5sqmm wire bhel   1  618
How to calculate paint drums per meter square speco   0  247
how to start basic designing in structure..procedure to knw basic start to do structural designs in civil field?    2  639
all questions related to instrument technician in any offshore oil and gas company.    0  2106
what is the formula to calculate isolated footing    7  7268
for 644KW load which MCCB should i use    6  824
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Un-Answered Questions
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tell me a unforgettable incident? which u never forget in ur life? 198
Hello to all....I am an Instrumentation Graduate and i am passed out in this year only.. I am unable to find the job in my core instrumentation.. so any boby tell me how to and where to search the job....please...and also tell me i there are any courses offered in the instrumentation stream so i can do it... you can send your suggestions to my mail-id i.e ... please.. 181
During Starter Panel Com missing I Found The Main Incomer 40Amp MCB 10KA Trip When Motor Change Star To Delta Motor Rating 20HP BUT When We Use Same MCB To Other Motor It Does Not trip Or What Is Necessaries for Star Delta Starter MCB SFU MPCB OR MCCB And What are The Breaking Capacity of MCCB in the Motor above 15HP 202
how to calculate percentage impedence at 75 deg C at normal tap 370
sir i ve applied for hindustan petroleum and power grid india ltd..and the exams on feb 22.can you pls send model papers and tell how to prepare for those.i need to get into any of these for sure..... 301
How we make bend & diffuser from any pipe (it's equation)& how we mark in pipe.... 159
what is the prinsiple of dc motor and construction and working ,application of dc motor. 122
Name the instruments which run on DC? 368
how do u calibrate the vacuum transmitter if it shows more reading 207
Explain the function of cooling water expansion tank. 174
which type of cabel 136
what is the advantages og idmt relay over magnetic relay?? 197
can any one tell me when ongc placement test and its forms is available????/ pls tell me if u know 312
if u r using bugzilla then it generates automatic bugids,while testing uhave got a bug then bug is represented through a bug id say bug1, then bug is assigned to developer he fixes a bug ,say the bug is fixed no error is got later after few regression cycles u have got the same bug but the bug is represented by diff id say bug2,tell me how do i come to know that it is the same bug that had occured previously but now it is represented by diff id 228
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