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what is conrete grade ,how are depent on concrete grad and size of concrete?    0  419
How can find weight fosmula in kg/m for circular cylinde steel bar?    6  2462
1.why can't we used sea sand in construction? 2.can we change sea sand into normal sand? if yes how?    1  3206
225 mm thick RCC slab, how many ton load slab can carry? for example if 33 ton truck loaded with soil, truck having 6 wheels. slab can take load or not? grade of concrete is M35 and slab design Fe500, slab desing one way slab.    0  1165
significance of transistor number    1  997
in india per day how much power is generated including all power station    0  237
What should be the Min.Penetration in a hard rock for all pile diameteres?    0  249
There are 2 motors without name plate and terminal but one is DC motor and another is induction motor.How one can identify which one is DC and which one is AC motor?    6  4104
What should be the Slump(Min.)in cement in concrete in all grades of concrete?    1  2315
tell about various protocols used in different plcs samtel   2  3744
Concrete could be defined as, (1)An artificial stone (2)Structural stone (3)Strong stone (4)Rock and Sand stone    0  284
which strater used genearalyy???and why???    1  971
How much UG cable size should i use so as to accomodate a ground + 2floors house. A 1.5ton AC & geysers(2) in each floor with lightings    2  1276
Approximate size of the metal use for normal concrete?    3  3056
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Un-Answered Questions
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I am Sunny..I have completed B.Tech(Mechanical).can i apply for Probationary Officer Post in Syndicate Bank 2010.Is that they hire engineers for PO Post? 485
how can i use REF and diffrencial relay both in 1 CT core for transformer protection? 183
clarify types of motor operated valves and advantages 290
what is the principle of operation of CFL ?? 683
where do i get exercises for electronic circuits lab, i.e, designing various waveform(clipper, clamper, rectifiers) 555
hi every body..i have applied for RRB section engineers CIVIL.i wanna prepare for that,so can any one suggest me some books and where can i get the syllabus for this..i would be vry greatful if any one can help in this regard 342
circuit diagram of trip circuit supervision relay 289
in regenrative cycle why to use two liquid(water&mercury) on steam genration cycle. 9
why any centrifugal blower draw more current in starting. consider id fan and fd fan? 203
There is air in a room . the top and bottom of the room are at constant temp. T1 and T2. DRAW THE temp profiles if a. T1 greater than T2 b. T1 less than T2 305
how to find hardness of water?why it should be determined? 280
Sir how i can resolve my MTI problem ? 67
What are the types of excitation system? 261
what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation. 4809
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