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We have isolation transformer 25kvA & ONLINE UPS 15KvA (3PHASE I/P,3PHASE O/P)where isolation should have connect,before UPS or after please brief. drj-arde   1  1456
How the earth fault relay works please explain?????????    2  3543
Why VCB and SF6 breakers to be used in HT used by cant ACB of higher rating to be used for 11kv and 33kv. tcs   7  5711
How to decide the input and output circuit breaker for a 1600kva transformer.Is there any calculation is involved.    5  1892
What is the diffirence between Earth and Neutral and What is the required normal voltage between earth and neutral    6  2696
what is the diffirence between Earth and Neutral    4  2457
How will earthing is making for Aeroplane?    5  2170
When looking at a flanged extension pipe and it is labeled DN20, just what does that mean or intel?    0  317
what are the standard & nominal size of brick    8  6627
how can u do the earthing of an aeroplane?    4  1398
What is the calculating formula for HT and LT amps in a transformer. cipla   12  11069
One amps in HT is equal to how manys amps in LT    4  3622
How the electric train gets the supply of electricity? What is the return path of the current? ntpc   6  3733
Hello sir, I am Rajaram. I have finished DME (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering). I would like to attend BHEL supervisor examination. So i want which type of questions can i prepare. & give previous supervisor examinations questions. Reply my mail ( bhel   0  777
Plot the pixel histogram( take any image) – count of values versus pixel intensity 0 to 255. You must write this from first principles – do not use the MATLAB hist command (although you may use it for comparison and checking your algorithm’s correctness). Plot the cumulative histogram. Do not use the cumsum function in MATLAB (write your own function to achieve this).    0  258
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Un-Answered Questions
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load combinations how many types for staad design purpose? 166
what is difference between fan and blowers 214
Isometric drawings are generated during _________________ phase of a project 195
In control valve proximity inductive sensor is taken as digital feedback for full open and full close.Normally its volts 24v when the sensor acts the feed back voltage 14v so that our relay not indicating in plc panel . kindly give the solution. 111
what is meant by procedure oriented n object oriented 145
What is df/dt protection?, How to calculate setting range of 30 MW steam generator??? 48
In a 2 stage RC coupled amplifier, the emitter resistance of 1st stage consists of 2 resistances (Re and Re')in series and the bypass capacitor is connected across only one of them(bigger resistance). Why? 574
What are the things needed to have an efficient boiler burning? 118
hi can anyone tell me some technical questions asked in iocl 318
What is minimum permicible value of leackage current for LT Panle when applying voltage up to 3 KV for 5 Minuits? 18
types and working of compressor 462
Please any one help me I preparing for the post of charge man in Indian ordinance factory please give me some guide line & book for this email. 46
What is difference between ESD and PLC please Explain me clearly. 492
What is Alpha & Beta fctors related to Orifice Plate & its relation with flow? 360
which accomplishments in your present position are you proud of and why? 384
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