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what is exiter winding,stator winding,avr?how it will work? siemens   1  1736
what is called star connection and delta connection also purpose of this connections? siemens   3  5155
whatis knee point ? siemens   5  4626
what is the development length?    2  4731
what is the difference between sales-men engineer and projet manager engineer?? ibm   0  448
What is MVA, KVA, X-mer ?    1  2397
What is Boiler HP? tata   3  3096
At one time what is the height of Lift for concreting for Bridge Piers Class B Loading and refer the code. kirloskar   0  443
I would like to do my MS in US but i have a second class in with 56% where in i have good acedemics in 10th and inter .Is it posiible to get a US visa if i get good scores in GRE and toefl.I have work experience in an Internation call center for 1 year will they consider me for US visa as i have a gap of 2 yaers after my will the visa be succesful.What would be the answer if they ask me why you worked in callcenter after your and why opting for MS now when you didnt show interest in your background....    0  556
My name is Noor and i have completed by 10th with 78%, inter with 67% and has a from JNTU second class with 56% .Iam planning to do MS in US will my visa be successful .I have doubts since i have a scond class with 56% in please advice me as soon as possible.    0  473
which are the five general EMI(electromagnetic interference) testings conducted on any system? infosys   0  430
what is the meaning of stub protection?    1  2649
I have one ct of ratio 3000-2000/1 Amp its knee point voltage mentioned on name plate is 500-333/30mA-50mA at Vk/2. in secondary box there is three terminal named 1S1, 1S2, 1S3 then on which terminal obtained the knee point voltage ie 1S1-1S2 OR 1S1-1S3 & also specify the knee point voltage for the ratio 3000 from name plate.    0  690
what is the MNA in case of d.c. machin? whaty is the importance of it? hoe it affect the brush position? tata   2  3065
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the cause of cylindrical liner overheating? 283
What is the use of multi tester? 303
What are the function of different components of servo motor? 343
Modal vs Modaless in VB?? 370
plz send me general of ongc 423
Hai friends this is Dara s. solanki, i done in B.Sc.(IT) i have an 2.3 years of exp in Manufacturing company in MIS giving support in SAP , 1 year back i did Sap course In MM Module. am trying from the day one to enter into the sap field but i was not.i kindly requesting all, please suggest me how to enter in to the SAP field. Looking for a job . i please help me and having any thing please let me know . i am in bangalore. my mail id is 8431455753 621
what is the difference between natural draught cooling tower and induced draught cooling tower 540
What s gland sealing steam? 307
What is the minimum insulation value required for a cable between phase to phase and phase to earth of 380 Vac 50Hz circuit, having load arround 800 amps. 335
what is the advantage of connecting capacitors in delta than in star? 386
66kv under ground cable how to layaing in ground any special case two ckt r runing 300
Can anybody post questions asked in Engineers India Limited Interview? Thanks in advance. 739
what is interface level and how it is calibrate? 591
in mass flow meter what is drive friquancy ? 419
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