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how can we save enegry by using VFD for Resiprocating Air compressor which is having more unloading running hours mrf   0  298
Can someone guide me about the written test paper pattern for s/w engg having exp of more than 3yrs.will it be technical or aptitiude?    0  193
Whether capacitor loads can be connected for testing a diesel engine at its full load capacity? Is there any limitation of capacotir load? Which is the best load for testing DG sets?    2  632
in ups how we can calculate the battery back up time    1  742
what is negative phase sequence    0  158
A 3 phase motor operating off 415V system is developing 20Kw at an efficiency of 0.77 and power factor of 0.73. determine:- a)the line current. b)the phase current if winding are delta connected. c)the phase voltage if winding are star connected.    0  329
what is meant by overloading of op-amp?    3  1550
I am about to face the interview panel of Indian army for UES(for more details put this address This is basically a post for engineering job in Indian army? This is an on campus interview. Kindly help me out with some tips or the type of questions I am about to face. Thanks. indian-military-services   5  13827
Whats the minimum value for I.R. that can be allowed for HT & LT alternators for operation?    1  517
why is only master neutral contactor is made to switch in synchronization of dg sets honeywell   4  2002
can anyone suggest good link for getting study material fordigital logic circuits?    0  171
what is the meaning of harmonic in AC waves and when which are prduce and what is the effects on line and give any other information about harmonics    1  899
What is the impedence of Transformer?    2  732
What are protection of transformer on HT side & on LT side?    3  3858
What is the difference between eath fault protection & Restricted Earth fault Protection?    1  770
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why do we avoid electrical conduits in floors at apartments? 162
How to find ampere on ht side for selection of cable size ??? 17
What are the causes of damage of diesel engine exhaust Valve? 158
How to calculate the condensate values of boiler? 45
How to determine dia of steel for use in column,slab etc. i mean how to calculate the diameter of steel which is to be used in structures. 221
Would you please provide me with questions collected for interview regard to pressure vessel, which is in the aspects of welding, NDT, materials and painting? Please send these questions&answers to within 1 week, Thank you for your help. Rgs! 99
please send me the inteview questions in IOCL 306
how long normally does the domestic refrigerant capillary tube are? 130
How many 1.5 ton A/Cs can run on 7.5 kw generator (diesel)? 201
hi, i have completed Chemical enggneering, plz can anyone provide me GVK BIO company's interview questions. iam attending the interview for the first time.. 231
how to produsing geretor power 148
What is the formulae of Megger value for a A.C.Motor 570
how to convert postfix notation into prefix in data structures. please send me algo of taha 984
What is Droop? What is Step/Gradient Limiter in Turbine Governor control? 492
why motor range is available 22kv,30kv,37kv,45kv and so on? why motor range is not available 21kv,24,25,26,27kv and so on? 172
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