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What is the difference between Analogue Addressable Systems and intelligent Addressable Systems    1  708
For having nonavailablity of 10 Amps fuse, a lineman replace the same with 5Amps two strand, Do he correct ?    4  926
A 11000/415V distribution transformer is fed 415V upon it's LT side,Do I get 11000V upon it's Primary side ?    7  2073
we can stepdown the voltage from 230/12v ,and we use the voltage for various electronics components why can't we step up the voltage from 12/230v if we can shall we use the voltage for domestic single phase supply areva   5  1456
what is the meaing of calibration curve? honeywell   3  2679
which one is best profibus or RS485 for communication? honeywell   2  2704
what is meaning of software redundency and hardware redundency? honeywell   2  3523
If ac 230volts inputsupply to full wave rectifire what is D C output voltage.    3  802
what is the meaning of reverse action and forward action of control valve... honeywell   9  7177
Which two continents are mirror images of each other? iocl   4  5193
I need the complete syllabus and model Question paper for Written exam of JINDAL STEEL AND POWER LTD.,for MECHNAICAL ENGINEERING branch jindal   0  884
Describe the control mechanism of missile launcher??? drdo   0  166
would the same effect be achieved by reversing the connection to one winding of the induction motor 3-phase?    0  154
what does the regenerative braking mean?and how it used for Dc motor? thanks.    1  764
sir most regardly i want previous papers of your company for my preparation of my written exam    0  327
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Un-Answered Questions
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is there any role of power factor with frequency variation? and how we can manage the frequency variation? 120
What is the spacing of chairs in reinforcement steel.If it is written in IS 456:2000 then tell me the page number. 1310
wat is the need to run a machine without feed??? 43
which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel 9
how can we change the phase angle b/w two phase? 424
one ball fall from a roof & after two hits of to floor it's reach up to half of the roof height. than what is the cofficient of restitution. 210
The electrical energy required to raise the tempreture of a given amount water is 200 kwh. If the heat losses are 20%, the energy required is? 97
How does the steam work in a steam turbine? 154
What is the Designing & Selection Procedure for a DG/Transormer of rated capacity? 194
What is the basic principle of welding process? 130
What is the gross weight to copper ratio in slip ring induction motor of 4000 HP,6.6 kv, 372amp, 992 rpm GE motor. 296
In a large office how do we calculate required number of light fittings, assuming fittings are 4x18W or 2x36W fluorescent fitting ? 136
what is the water-cement ratio of mix design while 30mpa in 7 days? 343
why qpsk is done for 45 135225315 not 0 90.270 360 degrees "degrees why " 223
could u tell me how to used deform stell bar in reinforce concret?i wanna know the general using in the site! 124
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