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What should be the voltage between neutral and earth of a UPS?    4  3472
why generally transformer are in star to delta or delta to star used? abb   7  9744
Name the third current flows in semiconductor except of DRIFT & DIFFUSION current ?    4  1696
what will happen when two dc motors are connected to each other and anyone of them rotated?    0  246
hii this is ranjith from hyd... i want to know what type of questions they ask in interview...and hw the interview will go..? what subjects thay ask specially for electrical engg students?    0  245
In convertor can we use rectifier thyristor in place of invertor thyristor with explain.    0  261
on what basis hardware and software interrupts are defined    5  1857
Which standard is used for calibration of Control Valves ?    2  3827
how we can check new PT ? without name plate.    1  2184
What are differences between Voltage, EMF & Potential difference ?    0  265
how to calibrate ph meter?    3  4866
Is there a diode made that works with AC 120 volt 20 amp? If so can it completely stop all current flow in 1 direction at all times?    0  3280
is the density of water decreases if we go deep into the ocean?    1  971
how the magnetic trains are leviated(MAGLEV)?    0  277
what is the difference between suction lift & suction head? ntpc   4  11766
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the main parts of transformer? how it is functioning? pls giv the ans briefly. 299
Identification of control valve parts. 254
what the bridge id of any switches 328
at what basis/standard we have to arrive the current density of aluminium/ copper in busbar? 356
What is grid collapse? what is the reason for it? 254
what happen if the parallel generator phase angle shift by 1 degree in manual mode 296
explain in detail about life cycle of thread 527
plz snd me sbi probationofficers papers to my id 554
IF alternator SCR value will be high means what happen in alternator efficency at operating power factor of 0.8 1428
the specific work input during a compression cycle from p1 to p2 , if compresion is isothermal, is given by p1v1logp2/p1. explain? 285
write a program in c++ for finding the given no. is odd or even without using any airthmatic operater? 399
WHAT IS THE DIff Between candidate key and primary key? 370
What are the items to inspect after cylinder liner is pulled out 341
I want formula to calculate current loss with distance in km.I searched many sites but didn't right answer.Plz reply me 319
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