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during parallel operation of two ac generator which condition must match before taking both parallel i.e speed /voltage rating /kva/exciation    2  2878
Hi. I am in High School. I have a very important assignment from school requiring me to interview a mechanical engineer. But I have no idea where to find one. If you are a mechanical engineer, please fill out the questions below. I'd REALLY appreciate it if you'd help me out. Thank You. 1. What got you interested in mechanical engineering? 2. Where do you work? Exactly what is your job? 3. What did you need to study to become an expert engineer? 4. Is there a high demand for mechanical engineers right now? 5. What is your salary? 6. What are some of the main projects that you have worked on in the past? 7. What schools did you attend? 8. How would you describe mechanical engineering? (the definition of mechanical engineering?) 9. How long have you been in the engineering field? 10. From a scale of 1 through 10, 10 being the most, how much do you enjoy your job and why? 11. What do you like most about your job? What do you like least about your job? 12. Was it hard to find a job once out of college? 13. What advice would you give a student planning on entering this career? 14. What is the most important, or helpful, project that you have contributed to? 15. What is your name and email for further contact and as a resource? Please help me out if you can. I will really appreciate it. Thank You Very Much!    0  207
What type of Voltage should be in the Resistance Welding. Should it be High or Low & Why?    1  655
what is starting current and use of starting current?    3  2572
What is the current carrying capacity of 0SWG,3SWG,10 & 12 SWG solid bare overhead copper conductors? hal   0  719
What is the general power consumption rating of CPU CRT type and Flat type, Monitor,Printer, projector, Scanner? hal   0  163
What is the reasonable voltage between Neutral & Earth of an electrical system for good earthing? hal   6  2453
what is the difference between UPS & Inverter hal   7  2823
suppose there is afault in transmission line connected to a generating station, then what r the adjustments u will take to without loss of synchronism????? ntpc   2  793
what is ip nsn   6  2161
what are the types of cables?    3  1000
which oil is used in transformer?    7  2016
can any give me bhel n other govt sec interview question    1  634
can any one give me sample question paper of BHEL at as i m appearing for the same exam. bhel   0  183
gas turbine genrator reactances    0  172
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how to synchronize 3 phase slip ring induction motors of different ratings. 166
what are the ffactors you considered choosing the course? 169
I want to put this query to SENIOR & EXPERIENCED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. 1)I want to know about the control circuit diagrams for control panels. I found it difficult to understand. Is there ant booklet through which we can learn the circuit diagrams? 2)I want to learn about conduiting, laying cables, preparing cable schedules and various techniques which is the part of building infrastucture(construction field). I don't have any experience in this area. I have experience in control panels only. that's why i am not getting any opening in building infrastucture (construction field).Can I get the job in this field as Trainee Engineer? How to enter this field? I need job in PUNE 268
what is all types of analyzer in water production plant? 11
how could you change gas line control valve to liquid line valve? 64
sir ,i applied rrb chennai for the post of junier engineer please sent model question papper with solved data to my mail 219
How to calculate ant test the burden of Current transformer 182
hi, i am doing my third year and i want to have a job in Genpact...So can you help me which kind of job would be more appropriate for me in such a company and How should i prepare for an interview? 148
What is the Boundary value analysis and Equlance class partition for select * from emp 383
How to fix toll charge for a particular vehicle at toll booths in a highway? 101
What is the alternate solution for testing of polarity by using polarity tester while its milli ammeter does not works? 144
In siemens S7-300 PLC, what is function and function block ? What is the difference between them ? When to use function and when to use function block ? 296
some time we open engine breaker 8.0 MW load but plant not trip. and another time engine open 4.0 MW load engine trip why? individually engine breaker open & individually emergency stop why difference? 112
hi can u send me all d technical qus pepar of DRDO?my email id is 259
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