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the compression ratio of petrol engine is always less than c.r. of deseal engine why?    3  1876
An alternator is started without excitation then how much voltage it will produced at strating at full rpm??    4  2023
Can the field winding in synchronous machines be placed on stator?What is the limitation of such arrangement?    2  1366
Why we use signal&voltage isolator between source n load. bhel   3  2519
What is the basic difference between synchronous machine and induction machiine?    1  2257
Why and which type of tertiary winding is used in most of the power transformer?    2  2043
Is the force acting between two parallel conductors of infinte length carrying AC of frequency 50Hz remians constant with respect of time? If not then what would be the frequency of the force acting?    1  1113
Is the magnitude of force acting between two conductors running parallel and carrying alternating current remains constant? If not what will its frequency if frequency of AC is 50Hz?    1  1137
What are the typical values of characteristic impedences of overhead line and underground cabel? Why there is so much variation?    1  1365
What are the circuit models used for analysis of medium length transmission lines? Which one is superior? Support your answer. upsc   1  2515
Classical power system stability was mainly focussed on rotor angle stability but modern power system stability has more focus on voltage stability.Why?    4  2718
Can the efficiency of transformer be measured with the help of wattmeter readings taken at primary and secondary side? Support the answer.    2  1386
how to check the leak in thermowells    1  1242
what is method for testing CT dcm   0  383
Can anyone tell me how to calculate the quantity of a third component added in an azeotropic batch distillation of a known quantity of azeotropic mixture?    1  1563
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i want texture painting pwd data 61
As a water tank loses heat, the temperature drops by 2 K/min when a heater is on, the system gains temperature at 4 K/min. A two-position controller has a 0.5 min control lag and a neutral zone of ± 4% of the setpoint about a setpoint of 323 K. Plot the heater temperature versus time. Find the oscillation period 329
pl. send me jr.engg.model question for rrb malda. 513
when the generator running trip by earth current even though engine all so shut down the problem showing gcs waring and emergency trip there after starting always gcs locked out what is the problem [this is cummins qsk 23 electronic controle module governer 330
what is Density of Fe410W IS:2062? Anyone have Density material table? 163
how much quantity of cement,sand and water required for 1 sq feet flooring work . 600
1. for eg, capacitor is used for many purposes(it act as filter, oscillator, bypass capacitor, memory storage etc...) 2. Please tell me some example circuits for different uses of capacitor( whenever and whereever and however we used capacitor as a filter, oscillator tuning etc..) 3. similarly for inductor and resistors(it act as what?) and when and how we want to act as like that?, and how we can used these components depends upon our requirments with example circuits and explanation? design to act as these components depends 228
can indirect loading be called as phantom loading? 265
Please send me the sample pattern for the Electronics and communication for the post in RRB s&T to my Email ID : 266
How to prevent back fire of boiler? 298
what is use of mccb. 373
What direction of rotation in crank? why not it rotate opposite direction? 1148
what is the role and fuction of automatic transfer switch in rotary ups 277
if conical type tank in top LEFT side solid material coming but LT MOUNTED IN TOP OF LEFT SIDE, how to measure ultrasonic level transmitter ? 21
What is the felding arrangment of the boiler 567
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