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Following is an NSAP of IS-IS, which is legal NET (When area number is 1)? 1) 47.0001.1921.6800.3025.01 2) 0001.1921.6800.3025.00 3) 47.0001. 4) 0001.1921.6800.3025.01    0  170
why we use negative 24vdc to a proximeter knpc   4  2423
what is the working principal of air compressor? kirloskar   5  2270
Iam a 2006 graduate and applying for ms degree course in USA for spring 2010.I have also received i20 from universities.I also have work experience as a cad engineer for almost 2.6 yrs. please tell me what kind of questions can be raised by US Consulate for my situation and how to answers them. us-consulate   1  475
bit confused - am i correct in thinking that to determine line to line voltage in a star config 110v 3 phase 4 wire distribution system i would use a voltmeter? I have a circuit configured as an unbalanced load, consisting of three incandescent lamps (1x40w, 1x60w, 1x100w - all 110v rated)connected in a star configuration to a 110v 3 phase 4 wire distribution system. I want to find out what types of meters i would use to obtain: a) each line to line voltage b) the line to neutral voltage across each load c) current flowing in each line and load d) current flowing in the neutral conductor e) power supplied to the loads im assuming i would be using ammeters in series along each line and voltmeters in parallel across each line to neutral? Also how could i predict these meter readings before taking them and with which formulae? Any help would be greatly appreciated A.    1  378
what determins the amount of voltage produced by a voltaic cell?    1  360
What is diversity factor. cadbury   2  1542
what is run out? how to calulate run out vaue.    0  174
what is the function of a diaphragm?    1  1904
what is an ambient temperature? reliance   5  2179
why transformer do not rotate?    3  1150
hi, in the event earth grounding is not available in a project, is there any other way to make the elcb work? fyi, i have an instant water heater (6.5kw) installed, however if there is grounding in the heating element inside the heater assembly, i will get grounded. thank you in advance to those who will answer my question.    0  167
our industries ht line so power fluctation(once drop of power please rectify causes    0  180
please send the model written test papers to for ET bhel   0  173
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in a pump, impeller wear ring is harder or casing ring? why? 301
in my observation NCT is used at Karnataka power transmission. why we are not used in andhra pradesh 120
Write a program to print Pattern 1) If user enters 3 1 2*3 4*5*6 4*5*6 2*3 1 2) If user enters 4 1 2*3 4*5*6 7*8*9*10 7*8*9*10 4*5*6 2*3 1 84
why passive components are used in pre emphasis and de emphasis? 254
Why does the Solid state Rectifiers for 3-ph brake motors sometimes have 2 & sometimes 3 output terminals? 128
i am preparing for rrb loco pilot exam please send me previous question papers at 335
what is a reactive power? what is the relation with power factor? 181
what is interface level and how it is calibrate? 256
what is the main difference between power devices and signal devices 309
Hi.. I am a BE GRaduate in E&E. I have 8.5 Experience in Tendering & Estimation field. I have done SAP SD course few years back. But due to some reason i failed to get job in that field and continued my own field. Now I am thinking of changing into SAP seriously. How should i go ahead??? 83
write a program to reverse a string using recursive function without using str functions. 442
10 bit A/D converters,the quantization error in % is?? 650
sir, please send me the last three years exam papers conducted by CPCL- RECRUITMENT EXAM FOR Recruitment of Engineer ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. A Soon as possible. i would be greatfull to u 159
What is the effect on in Zone and out zone fault if Phase side CT is Vk/2<30 mA and Neutral side is CT is Vk/4<30 mA for Transformer REF protection 120
how to calculate quantity of steel in a slab , coloumn and beam 225
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