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We have three 33kv substations. All of them energised by same source.When i am checking the phase sequence between one substation to other substation (like R Phase to R Phase) by multimeter i am getting some voltage.Near to LT panels UPS panels are there. Can u explain whether any possible to happen like that. In Phase SEquencemeter is showing correctly in both substations. How is it happen. Explain me.Explain me communication signal will produce Phase difference on this case.    3  2401
whats the formula for convert KVAR to FARADS    2  7183
How is the connection of the tap changer on the HV side been made?    0  348
A ground is nonengginered fill 15 years back; how we can find the level of consolidation and bearing capacity    2  2092
there is one orifice plate already installed on 3" line, but my previous engineer(who is not working here) removed that tx, but now i want to take it in to the process, so now what i have to do now? flow fluid is hytherm oil of temp. 260deg & pressure is 3bar.    1  2055
why are laminations used in constructing the field core?    3  2912
why fractional pitch winding generally used in alternators? tata   0  943
why are distributed windings generally used in alternators?    0  616
whate the size of bricks are avalable at site    5  4342
What is the relationship between SENSOR & TRANSMITTER?    5  4883
How to calculate KW saving for power factor correction from 0.92 to 0.98 at 350KW load? heidelberge-cement   5  5113
Hello sir i had completed my BE in production engg.After diploma in mechanical i want to do BE in mechanical engg.that is double degree.Anyone can please tell me is there any provision to do this and how much is course duration.    1  1453
how to calculate pressure drop in air ducting    1  2522
Describe how a salient pole / projecting pole rotor differs from a cylindrical rotor and state the application of each rotor respectively    3  2550
10 tube light connect in mcb tube light is breaker is fault is rectified.(using 3wire phase,earth,neutral) cts   0  605
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What are the roles and responsibilities of electrical engineer in cement plant 145
in the earthquqke the profile of water on dam is parabolic or not 91
manhole chamber having height of 2300 mm and thickness of brickwork is 230 mm and dia of opening covering is 560 mm and bottom length vertical is 1500 mm (1:4) brick masonry and plaster 12 mm on both to estimate the no bricks used with mortar cement bags and sand for total chamber including plaster. 86
a sewer which receives the discharge of no. of house sewer is called house sewer lateral sewer intrcepting sewer sub-main sewer 359
what are pilot cells 491
why we use ac supply as 415 volts instead of 415 v why we cant apply 230 v for dc 529
Why you are leaving present job? 468
dear all, How do i increase UPS (1000VA)backup time ? i have connected 2 12v wold you please 120 aH battery externally. ups charge the lead acid battery only 12.7 volt. backup time only 10.00 minuts and gose off. can any one of you help me? 577
State uses of different types of stsrters with different capacities of motors as below: a. up to 5HP b. above 5hp to 10hp c. above 10hp to 20hp d. above 20hp 299
Is vtg is controlled by the resistor? if else how much? 361
How convergengr of nr method is not dependent on selection of slack bus and how gauss siedel method depends? 104
can anyone tel the syllabus or previous year question paper for BHAVINI(EIE)2014. 799
I have a slab of 20cm thickness of 20m by 4m in wich we are installing 15 tons electric panels , and we have put 4 H-shaped columns under the slab but we have done many cores in the slab which seems very normal , can you help me by telling me how to calculate the bearing capacity of the slab or give me an idea if i should increase more columns Note: load distribution area 12*1.5 m2 388
Why frequency changes due to load variation in power system ? i.e why when load increases frequency decreases? 396
what is different between parametrization and data driven testing 409
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