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Why a motor blower cobination draw more current at winter than summer?    1  1263
Why the motor take high starting current for long time(10- 15 sec) which is connected to Blower as compaire with a motor which is connected with pump with same rating?    1  1437
If I want to buy a new Xformer for my plant what are the main parameter will I need to check?    0  266
A 6.6 KV motor breaker is try to Drack OUT by me while the motor running. What will Happened? a, will Trip. b,Drack Out lever will not access c, will get shock d, noting will happened    4  1847
A 11 KV motor is working. if the supplay is fail. what will happened with it's breaker? Trip / remain the same condition?    4  1360
what is the advantages and dis advantages of critical speed of turbine.    2  1517
If we want to change a contactor of faulty one what are the conditions want to fullfil    0  250
what are the main Parts of VCB    1  1967
A 6.6 KV/ 440V Xformer. what are the imporatant parts & equipment required for it's protection panel. aptransco   0  526
A 11KV, 1200 A breaker combination fixed in a cubicle for HT motor.Is normally for 11 KV motor fuse is using? if Yes, What range fuse is required?    0  272
What is core CT & it's function?    0  275
What is the Minimum winding resistance of motors ( small & big)? referance range tata   0  300
What is the real function of reverse power relay in generator panel while syncronising?    0  275
Three set (each phase contain 2 cable of 400 mmsq CU XLPE AWA) of single core cables are connected to 11 KV motor of 14 MW & the switch gear supplay is taken from 11kv feeder & this supplay taken from 275 KV substation. Problem is one pair cable(L3- 2 cable ) getting very hot & gland melted and damaged in switch gear side. the other two cable haven't any more hot(ambient temp only & L3 haveing 95- 100 Degree C. The same problem happened in 275 KV substation switch gear side also where the supply taken for 11 kv switch gear. But here L2 phese cable had problem. Why it is happening like this?. The cable having temperature different at different location from gland side inthe case of 11KV feeder of 275 kv substation. why ?    2  1082
what is the advantages and dis advantages of critical speed of turbine. essar   0  336
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Un-Answered Questions
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In a four-stroke diesel engine, In what engine exhaust valve will open? 338
design a or gate using transister 255
What are the disadvantages of axial flow (piston type) automatic control valve compared to the conventional types (globe or diaphragm) If you are a designer/specifier, do you accept this type of valve for using in building's piping systems ? 406
What are your future plans for the company if permanently employed? 290
What are reasond for high wattage in single phase induction motors 116
For some transformers we are using solid neutral earthing while some others we are using resistance earthing why ? 305
i want to know ,If a five-digit number is input through the keyboard, write a program to calculate the sum of its digits. 398
what is the working principle of energy saver control panel. please give the complete calculation & theory. 494
How the FM 200 System is work? Just give me a reply about the Fire Incident and then Suppression by FM 200 step by step? Regards, ZahIR Uddin Babar For, BAFFESCO 406
What is the simplest formula to calculate the rotor diameter of a synchronous generator? 328
Can you tell me more about pu systems (per unit systems )calculation in large power systems? how to get the base for voltage and power in generator, transformator and transmission lines? 545
What are the type of bonnets in the control valves? 245
i done m.e communication system degree. i like to study new degree. which course is to choose. i selected applied psychology, e&i. is this suitable for me or say some suggestion to do some course. 479
what is inductive voltage transformer? what is its application and how it differs from capacitive voltage transformer? 316
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