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What is differance between compressor and blower    3  1369
what is the range of thermal overload and over current. Answer should be in percentage of current. rmsi   0  181
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VOLTage and potential diff    5  1335
IN SINGLE PH TRANSFORMER IF LEKAGE IMPEDANCE DROP IS NEGLECTED ,THE FLUX IN THE MAGNETIC CORE and the lekage flux linking a winding are a)proportional to the applied v to the winding i respectively.    0  198
please can any one send me BHEL ECE sample papers    0  308
what is the PH of earth? does earth is neutral like ph value 7 for water indicating water is neutral?    0  394
give me applications of sequence bridges . (used in 3 phase un balanced systems)    0  168
what is technology use in bikes    7  1209
what is the advantage by using PID controller than P& PID?    1  1122
when turbine trips generator will becomes induction motor or synchronous motor? jsw   4  1020
one conductor length is L.and i am strech uniformly this conductor and made length is resistance of this strech conductor is R=4R..but i want to know about area of stech conductor hows it become a/2.. me   0  186
help!!!! i bought a new house 2 yrs ago,ive just had 2 new lights fitted,when i boil the kettle,maybe 2 times in succession the safety light switch trips out,it dosnt do it straight away but it seems to do it when the kettle boils!!!!! sounds very odd to me    1  340
plz send me some apts question paper for aricent. thanks in advance    0  190
Why we use 4 to 20 mA, (This is International Standard) instaed of this can we use 4-16, or 4-24 or 3- 15 or any other range ongc   13  5520
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is true sine wave or pure sine wave inverter?? Is it sine wave or step wave?? If it is step wave, waves with how much step is considered as pure sine wave? Is it possible to produce pure sinewave using power electronics? 97
I want to know the 'Test voltage' for Tandelta testing of 3.3 / 6.6 / 11 KV Motors. Please explain 139
Is Diesel staorage tank ( 800 litres) cleaning procedure is available with any body 244
wat is the significance of BS 3 or 4 engine, wat will happen if BS 3 fuel is used in BS 4 engine or vice versa ?? pls explain the consequences happening in engine if wrong fuel is burnt ?? 534
dear sir i have completed one year post diploma certificate in thermal power engineering from national power training institute durgapur ...plz suggest me for power sector job 47
george phenomenon of synchronous machine 471
what is meaning of 230volts ac 50hzs ac supply is it rms or maximum to getting ac 230v what amount of max voltage they will send 193
what are the code used for residental building? 229
what amount of heat energy loss in ESP? 258
what is the importance of earthing system on the generators big capacity and small? 115
Ohm’s law, kirchoff’s law, pascal’s law, Bernoulli’s therem, 269
what is the use of the puls transformer in UPS & how it works??????????? 149
What pressure results for a flow transmitter of range 0- 180t/h in the dcs and 0-301mbar in the field using square root extraction. Kindly also suggest formulae for the percentages 0,25,50,75,100? 146
how many Classification of fire extinguisher 131
what is the equvalent indian material code for EN10025/2- S75JR 506
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