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For a DY11 lighting Transformer on primary side whee to connect fourth lead? from nuetral or from ground? sabic   2  1097
how to calculate steel columns beams and slab please give me brief calculation haven-foundation   14  25494
What should be distance required in between two phase of HT cionductors in open area??????    3  1512
what is d diff. betn critical speed & whirling speed? tata   1  2754
without name plate detail of blower how we can find out the HP & Rpm ? the input voltage is 230v single phase    1  399
Which has more mechanical efficiency betn 2-strock &4-strock IC engine & why?    1  1208
What happen if field ckt is open when a sailent pole alternator connected to infinite bus bhel   2  1467
wat area the advantages of network gateway    1  1003
while running ,synchronous generator is being turned off.what will happen to the current flow??    0  142
What are the advantages of D.O.L Starter in 3 phase induction motor?    3  2605
Hiiiii,i m having 50% in degree BE(E&C),i want to know whether i can take gre or not much rank i should get to do mba in IT management in abroad...?????/ microland   0  206
what is effect of reverse c.t connection on metering. cushman-wakefield   4  1135
what is stress    4  1103
Initially motor starts with star connection ,after few timing changes to delta connection, why the motor should run continously in star connection,it gives high torque & low current?    3  1919
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Un-Answered Questions
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Name of the relay of low lub oil presuure in DG sets 157
What is the requirement for over all CG of DG from the foundation surface to absorb the vibration of heavy set. 114
how maney type tempereture measurement ? 143
What is the IS standard for MCCB to be use (As per capacity of AMP)& for ACB also. 154
Find out the Cutting Length of Closed Hoop 2 Legged Stirrups for Beam as mentioned. Beam Size :200x300 mm,Nominal cover for all sides :25 mm,8 mm dia. Fe415/500/550. 133
how to calculate the settings for shaft ct protn in hydro generators 164
How can i copy program (parameter) from mm440 (V.F.D.) by using BOP? 437
would you please give me any idea about the BARC interview question on electrical? i have an interview on 1st july.....plz hlp me.......its urgent...... 294
define the active power? 19
1.what is the difference between ct and cvt? 2.what is the difference between pt and cvt? 3.what is the difference between relays and circuit breakers? 416
i want to know about torque of slip ring induction motor 309
difference between pre silicon debug and post silicon debug 122
how to success for interview 234
who can measure the size of power cable? 101
What would happen if there is air in fuel oil? 124
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