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WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VOLTage and potential diff    5  1334
IN SINGLE PH TRANSFORMER IF LEKAGE IMPEDANCE DROP IS NEGLECTED ,THE FLUX IN THE MAGNETIC CORE and the lekage flux linking a winding are a)proportional to the applied v to the winding i respectively.    0  198
please can any one send me BHEL ECE sample papers    0  308
what is the PH of earth? does earth is neutral like ph value 7 for water indicating water is neutral?    0  394
give me applications of sequence bridges . (used in 3 phase un balanced systems)    0  168
what is technology use in bikes    7  1207
what is the advantage by using PID controller than P& PID?    1  1122
when turbine trips generator will becomes induction motor or synchronous motor? jsw   4  1019
one conductor length is L.and i am strech uniformly this conductor and made length is resistance of this strech conductor is R=4R..but i want to know about area of stech conductor hows it become a/2.. me   0  186
help!!!! i bought a new house 2 yrs ago,ive just had 2 new lights fitted,when i boil the kettle,maybe 2 times in succession the safety light switch trips out,it dosnt do it straight away but it seems to do it when the kettle boils!!!!! sounds very odd to me    1  339
plz send me some apts question paper for aricent. thanks in advance    0  190
Why we use 4 to 20 mA, (This is International Standard) instaed of this can we use 4-16, or 4-24 or 3- 15 or any other range ongc   13  5518
tell me about sf6 breakers    4  1179
why we use the fuse drdo   5  2156
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the parts in a inverter? 128
In Feature How use in distel water in use in bike.? 2) Above 2020 petrol prise 100 per/lit.? how can use in Poor people in Bike. 234
Is it able to make FMEA for Pencil creation? If yes send the FMEA 687
Why let through energy not considered for ACB breaker while cable sizing? 162
what r you reqired for concrete baching plant? 226
iam preparing for rrb section engineer post in electrical branch.suggest the right textbook for my reference.fromwhere i will get the previous q.papers? 285
contractor receive 100 MT steel.after compliting the work the contractor refund 90 MT steel.How reconsilation of steel done? 174
Hello friends on 10th feb my campus interview of Vikram Cement group compony of Aditya Birla.So please suggest me which kind of prepration I have done to success the interview. 266
How vortex sensor used for steam flow measurment can be checked on line i.e without taking out from process line. 166
Is phenomenon of resonance is harmfull fr the machine? if not or if yes please explain it? 92
design of a dust collector? 171
I have Job A and Job B in jcl. I want to trigger Job B from Job A. Please advise. 71
if an insulated power and control cables of a running gas diesel gensets laid direct in an open trench i.e, trench bed is not rcc of a power house in which rain water, spillage water alwas exists and all power control cables remains submerged even when gas gensets of 480 kw each runningin on load. These power &control cables runs from power house to switchgear room through these trenches in which water remains most of the time. pl explain its merit & de-merit 119
How much should be the load percentage for 15kva Inverter and Iinut & I output load with Calculations 104
Explain level troll principle & interface level measurement. 36
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