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What is the important parts of SF6?    2  1764
A ii kv 1200 A Breaker combination fixed in a cubicle. How many ampere Fuse is required? If fuse is not using, Why?    0  316
What is core CT & it's function?    0  322
What is IPXX?    2  3540
Why battery chargers are use in substation?    5  7623
What is the important precuations need tocarried out while working with Electrolite in Battery PM?    0  335
Why ELCB trip, when neutral touch with ground?    1  1777
Is VVVFD reduced the starting current of an induction motor?    1  582
how to calculate the torque of a motor?    0  386
What is inrush current? how can calculateit? what is the affect of it?    0  308
What is open delta Xformer? It's adavntages & Use?    0  324
Waht will happened if reactive power increase in the line? waht about active power increase too?    3  3030
What is warm / cold start of HT motors. How many warm start & cold start are possible in a day?    0  445
What is the minimum IR value of HT/ LT cable? Pls post separetely!!!!! bhel   0  476
HI, I want to buy a new Xformer to my plant. what are the main parameter should I check ( Xformer rating is 16 MVA)    1  1074
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to find out basic difference between ELCB,MCB AND RCCB on seeing the materials? 1375
why normally Generator rating are between 11Kv to 22Kv? 1206
"how can we find the approximate quantity of materials using in a building or total Expenditure in percentage for rough estimate after known the construction area(sqm)".please if you know something about that please post the answer. 243
what is load capacity of 11 cm cylinder bor 100kg. pressor? 494
What are the causes if one cylinder in a diesel engine has a high temperature? 388
what are the types in Relay? 264
my data card only does run in my mobile so how can change it that it run other mobile & computer and i can stor data in my data card 349
I am perparing for DMRC Jr. Engineer Post. Please post me reference book Name At my Id 719
how hydraulic power stearin clutch work plz explain 403
what are the possible reaons & remedies if resistance of NGR getting heat up 231
hi everybody how to design string combiner box (scb) internal parameters like bus bar and spd (surge protection device and fuse which place to set that,and also bus bar one particular cross sectional how much heat generated and how much power loss tell me Clearly and briefly 214
I have completed my B.E with (CSE) computer science and engineering ,i had a total no of backlogs=20 ,is there any chances to get the visa PLEASE HELP ME NE1 : MY . 276
hi.i want to get cleared about ece and want to know what are the topics or chapters which were in 11 and 12 grade.esp., in maths and physics?ans me soon.i am fresher. 370
how can i get an electrical c-certificate? 488
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