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Can i connect all earth pits in ring system..., And wat IS 3043 says...please help me    1  733
I have a relay contact rated at 220v dc which is supplied with a 24vdc from the panel,for it to trip the dampers(24vdc).What if the application of the relay changes so that it should work at its rated 220vdc then will it work at 24vdc supply given or any other consideration needs to be taken .....    0  212
anyone please send transformer parameter design formulas & details of tap changer ? plz i have interview this week its more helpful for me ?    0  142
how to caculate no load loss, load losses & impedance percentage in power or distribution transformers    3  300
Hi, I'd like to know the purpose of MOS (maintenance override switch). At site, these switches are installed in a stanchion with the transmitter (connected to ESD). thank you.    3  3668
If genrator not build up voltage , How u can Manually Excite ?    2  450
what is pure bending    1  1397
What is the main difference between the terms instrumentation and Automation?    5  2217
for 11KV OH system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. for 33KV OH system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. for 33KV UG system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. wbsedcl   0  210
typical per KM resistance values of ACSR DOG conductor for 33KV & 11KV OH system? typical per KM resistance values of XLPE 300Sq mm cable for 33KV system? typical per KM resistance values of XLPE 185Sq mm cable for 11KV system? wbsedcl   2  3235
What is an antisurge control system, how it works?    3  3361
how will i find leakage in underground?    2  1139
whatis the banafit of water leak detection and repair?    2  670
IT-Executive interview in J&K bank. jammu-and-kashmir-bank   1  686
water leak detection system question & answer    0  249
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Un-Answered Questions
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hai,am a marine engineer..pls anyone tell me what is the abbrevation for "gfca" in Mitsui B&w 7l67gfca mail id is 250
salam,hi, i need to know what the spesification of 300amp msb... 111
In a single how much maximum current and watts using 144
Can anyone suggest me how to learn Computational Fluid Dynamics? (I am just a beginner.) 127
what are the differences between 'exhaust fan', 'heavy-duty exhaust fan' & 'super heavy duty exhaust fan'. what are their power ratings ? 207
what is the steel difference between np-2 and np-3 pipes and weight also 154
difrent between vcb acb sf6 and mccb breakers 443
Please mail me the sample papers of PNB for the post Dy. Manager. 175
If 24 KVA AVR having Input voltage 200-400v, Output voltage 415+-1%, what will be the voltage if Load is 13A. 165
what is the vital subject for scoring bhel exam&what is the question pattern 260
What is the difference bitween control net scaner and device net scaner 1195
I am having dual speed motor of cromton greaves make of 3.7 KW -1400 rpm and 5 KW - 900 rpm. Please let me know groups and winding connction for rewinding purpose. 296
l&t switch FN 63 handle position can we change 347
how do i write program like one shown 1234567654321 123456 654321 12345 54321 1234 4321 123 321 12 21 1 1 3131
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