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what is the difference between isolator and circuit breaker    3  3990
What is the Full form of AIF in Compressors ? mahindra   5  4305
Is there thumb rule to calculate how many Insulators to be used for Transmission line of different volatges cs   3  2476
now i am studing 3rd year diploma in iete in delhi. next i want to study aeronautical engg, can u pls tell is there is any entrance exams into collages hal   1  2054
how the specific fuel consumption of 320 kva deisel genarator set (explain with formulas please)? rrb   2  2454
in which website , i can able to get the electrical basics.?????????????    0  262
Dear frds In my office we are using chiller . in that chiller inlet and outlet water diff. is 2.5 decgree always. if i intduce the cooling tower can i get good result in chiller Inlet water. reply plz.    0  288
hi.i m student of chemical engg. and studying in 5 th can i improve my technical knowledge..can u sugest me a link like book or any website..?    3  2428
How to work to the x'mer as a induction motor?    1  1144
Where r use in Dc motor in power plant?    2  3329
why dc supply is given for excitation of ac alternator?how dc can produce flux?    5  2380
I want to know the principle of rotating flux transformer.    1  1102
why r use the wave taper in the substation ? l&t   2  1927
why PT transformer primary r the grounded? l&t   2  2941
a)If column dimensions are 250*400mm , what will be cutting length for 8mm stirrups and how to calculate it? b) If beam dimensions are 200*400mm , beam coveris 25mm , slab cover is 20mm , what will be the cutting length for stirrups? c)Column dimensions are 250*400mm , reinf. is 12nos. bar of 16mm dia , stirrups provided are two legged, what will be the length of each ring? Regards speco   22  67820
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Un-Answered Questions
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plz help how can i operate my n/w support system through ,help me by providing complete soln 281
what is the use if we fixed butterfly ties in column and masonry work joint?....where we have to fix(distance).. 541
what is run out? how to calulate run out vaue. 352
what are the groups of instruments? 494
If we have use two power cable for incomer, that time how many use cbct for earth leakage protection? 1 or 2 if 1 way? If 2 way? 466
Please give me a ansver for why currant transforme noe point should erthing 317
What is Minimum permicible meggering value for following 1) LT Panels (Ph to Ph / Ph to Earth) 2) 11 KV, HT Panels (Ph to Ph / Ph to Earth) 3) 11 KV Cable 4) LT Cable 668
I am going to appear for the RRB Chennai Section Engineer online exam. Please send me the question papers from 2001 to date to my mail,plz send me ,or send any other rrb papers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 449
types of cable..? Use of every types of cable..? 393
i want to know the syllabus for management trainee exam,vizag steel plant,2009 1870
how to calculate the fault in substation 478
What is the difference between solid grounding and impedance grounding? 409
I have a 33 KV sub stn with two mother transformers 33/11 KV of capacity 3150 and 1600 KVA respectively. The total connected load 16809 KVA(11/0.433KV).how i calculate the max current & how i decided the CMD. 383
we use 400/5A ct and 35/roor3KV,/0.1/root3KV,0.1/root3KV pt ratio. What is the multiple factor of this meter. 341
what are the condition that makes hooter blow? 603
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