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How calculate the physical stock of material such as Fine/Coarse aggregate,sand & stone dust laying at site?    3  3077
four jobs j1,j2,j3 and j4 are waiting to be run. Their expected runtimes are 9,6,3 and 5 respectively. In order to minimize average response time, the jobs should be run in the order: a) j1j2j3j4 b)j4j3j2j1 c)j3j4j1j2 d)j3j4j2j1 ugc-net   2  3719
how we sesign the transformer give some specifion regarding design of transformers    0  285
If mutual flux is 1.2wb & power factor is 0.8 lag , then what is the Useful flux of a transformer? ntpc   0  536
What should be the main consideration while starting the Rotating compressor when we dont know the cut in and the cut off pressure setting of the pressure switch    0  532
how much binding wire is required for one tone steel jindal   18  27816
How we calculate the spacing between the conductors in 11,33KV lines? nhpc   3  6248
which beam has more strength rectangular or circular    3  4341
how an universal testing machine working? hcl   1  3706
what is the difference between error,exception,bug,defect,fault..?    0  885
How to create a Button use visual basic in Excell 2007 and how to hyperlink the button ?    0  580
What is the quantit;(pratical method) of cement, sand, and gravel to be used in M25 grade of concrete for 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm of sand (for cement please mention in kilos, and for sand and gravel please mention in cuft    0  479
what difference between thermal and bi-metal over load relay?    2  3680
140 is load amps for a equipments and what ratio of CT requied for installimg ammeter to amps montering purpose?    1  1362
How to run 1ph motor(230 VOLTS its full load amps is 4.5 ampa))with 480 volts main(we didn hav neutral)Thn we go for step down transformer.Our load 10 amps,so we conisder this amps in primary are secondary side?    1  1054
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the requirement for over all CG of DG from the foundation surface to absorb the vibration of heavy set. 331
How to select transmission line type (i.e. 11kv or 33kv) for new established industries 394
how does the lybrinth glands work in sealing a turbine? how exactly turbine sealing is done? principle of it? 642
Dear sir   i complete my BE marine wit 75% in 2012 But still i can`t able to job so i decided leave the search job related marine please guide me ................... 312
what is we make it,describe briefly. 649
why we use log files in QTP? 771
how can we phase identification in a distribution line,how we recognise that which phase is coming for a house hold me............ 392
We have a couple of oil tanks at our plant. One of them does not have a lightning arrester installed. My question is it necessary to install an arrestor on every tank or will this particular one be covered by the arrestor installed on the ajdacent tank, Since all the tanks are close to each other. Basically, I want to know that if these arrestors or protection works in a parituclar area of effect or influence. Thanks 502
why 3 phase is converted into 2 phase using electronics circuit why not 2 phases are diresctly putted from the 3 phase transformer?? 466
please answer the following question: A table contains the monthly sales data for the 12 months of a year and for the 4 sales zones where each zone has 8 districts.The table is defined in WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.What is the size of the defined table in number of bytes? write statements to calculate the total sales for each month. 479
What is the procedure for taking leave while detecting Epf and Esi? 625
Please describe tar, asphalt and bitumine 14
why do u ant to join the indian army?? 595
Is it possible to download the Siemens Selection Chart(TYPE 2 coordination) for 1) fuseless selection 2)Fuse selection 4848
hi ,,,,I m going to attend corporate bank exam of specialist IT officer, I don't Know What type of question arise in interview..some suggest me my email id is 459
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