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what is the maximum percentage of crush sand in mix design.also what is the difference betweeen grite powder & crush sand. tata   2  1909
What is eddy current & eddy current loss ?    2  919
steps which are performed in the bios POST codes    0  153
why we use 20 KV, 10KA LA on 22 KV Line    2  946
The error in a single phase energy meter where pressure coil lags behind applied voltage by 88 degrees and pf is 1) upf 2).5lag gate   1  915
how the 4 to 20 mA signal goes to any controller/indicator,and what is the role of voltage ,12/24 and how to do connection of it, in controller.    1  197
what is the working of silicon controlled resistor    3  867
what is cathodic protaction?    0  143
Relay setting for earth fault of reciprocating and centrifugal compressor motor feeder.Setting will be different or same? reliance   1  548
How to answer for "tell me about yoursel interview question"? While telling project experience, whether we should start from lastest to old or old to latest?    3  730
when the control mechanism is present for an ammeter(1-10A) and 1A current is apllied what will be the reading of the meter? gate   2  655
voltage of a ckt is measured by volt meter having an input impedence camparable with the out put impedance of the ckt Eror caused is 1. Gross Error 2. Errors due to lloading effect gate   2  399
in 132 kv substation ligtning arrestor(120 kv) connected to line. but line voltage comes to 132 kv, it operate or not??? divis-laboratories   4  2025
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Un-Answered Questions
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Saving in copper achieved by converting a 2 winding transformer in to an auto transformer is determined by A voltage transformation ratio B load on secondary C quality of core material D size of transformer core 131
what is the use of offset follower in cam? why and where we have to use this type of follower? 206
please send me rrb question papers of SE MECHANICAL 261
what is the value of TEI ist T1? 253
what is meant by negative half cycle 103
What are advantages using hollow shaft impeller? 861
For the calculation of bearing pressure below the footing, to know whether it is below the safe bearing pressure of the soil, the unit of RCC below ground level to be taken is 25 KN/m3 or (25-15)KN/m3, where 25 is the unit weight of RCC and 15 is the unit weight of soil and whether the weight of backfilling to be taken? 170
Q- Control problem are mainly classified in _____ types. a-)4 b-)3 c-)6 d-)nono of these Few of them i know is 1- regulator type problem (eg- Air conditioner) 2- tracking problem (eg missile trcking problem) 3- sybernatics 4- optimal control problem 201
Hi i want some previous interview questions and answers for KVB Bank. 353
How can leveltrol be installed in steam drum for measuring the level of steam drum 228
what is the max. and mim. height of vertical post in informatry sign board which is used in highway projects. 128
What is Curtailing of R/F 185
i am shortlisted in corporation bank for the post of computer officer the next phase is group discussion. i want to know how to prepare and what about the topics for preparing thanking you if you have any suggestion please give me 851
What is meant by impedance? difference between high & low impedance ? 219
what is digital communication,digital electronics,flip flops,gates,buffer,memory and draw the diagram of flip flop,buffer,gates,memory? 293
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