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What are the protection required for Transformer, motor, Line, Generator, capacitor, that all i have to refer which standard?(Like Transformer detail IS 2026)    0  256
how to calculate length of bar    4  2963
how dose servo motor works    0  248
what are types of servo motors    1  552
what are types of encoder    0  224
what is Green field /brown field exposure in chemicals /oil /petrochemicals /refineries /paints /speciality chemicals /gas /FMCG /glass industry    0  509
How much Bentonite is required per Cubicmeter of pile for a cast insitu pile?    1  4217
What pressure results for a flow transmitter of range 0- 180t/h in the dcs and 0-301mbar in the field using square root extraction. Kindly also suggest formulae for the percentages 0,25,50,75,100? kentz   0  320
what is the difference between 2phase & 3 phase? ntpc   1  3037
what is the operation of regulator in fan? ntpc   4  2750
what type of insulation is used for over head lines? ntpc   4  3401
what is LUX? ntpc   4  2648
can we use relay in fan? ntpc   0  381
what is lxr? ntpc   0  379
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Un-Answered Questions
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What happens when too much cylinder oil is injected in the working cylinder? 406
Hi Suppose we have a wye/wye transformer which is grounded at both sides,in this situation, do we have ay ground transformer? in other words, ground transformer can do any thing more (while we have nuetral wire in both sides)? As the last question, what about 3rd harmonic? we have two choices: first using wye/delta transformer + ground transformer and second using wye/wye earthed the former choice, we dont have 3rd harmoonic at the secondary side but what about Yn/yn conection? do we suffer from 3rd harmonic in the Yn/yn connection? 265
Decibel. 217
what is vtg limit of earth and neutral at transformer side? 292
For a high pressure/ high temperature multistage pump (Boiler Feed Water Pump), what is the average life of mechanical seal? Does life of DE and NDE differ, if differ, how much? Why? 413
what is the procedure of wet seiving. n percentage of silt in different type of soil? 679
which type of zones used for boiler? & why ? 284
how can power amp inc the power without inc the voltage or current values? 517
sir, plz send me the question regarding DMS gr1 questions of previous year as my exam is on 27/09/08...thanking u in advance... 564
What is compound gage 201
Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interview? 892
idea uses the 1800mhz band with alloted 4.4mhz bandwidth. this band is divided into 22 channel(up link).how will operator divides these channel in to traffic channel and control channel. explain 445
why we use ac supply as 415 volts instead of 415 v why we cant apply 230 v for dc 448
All tape of electrical questions Answers tape of motor transformer e.o.t crane 771
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