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what is the functional requirement of cement plaster in RCC members & masonry?? Is it Manditory to do plastering on all RCC members(beams, Columns, Slabs)? in what places plasterring could be kept as an optional one???    2  1485
What is the current flowing through BTS?    1  854
why we use RYB phase sequence? and somewhere we use UVW ? why? tcs   4  8652
what types of load we get from the national grid? is this capacitive or inductive?    0  185
what is the difference between high speed and a low speed turbine and on what parameters we will chose or go for either low speed or high speed turbine...    2  1256
what is the working and construction of generator    1  641
why occ characteristics of generator is also called as magnatization characteristics    1  1108
What Is the Thumb rule to calculate depth and dia of pile required to carry specified load on differeent soil    0  448
what is the use of conservator in a transformer? l&t   5  3691
what is the meaning of "i.p.-43" and duty cycle-s1 on the name plate of a asynchronous machine?    1  1151
why there was 17 stage of compressor in the most of the gas turbine . depending on what? tata   0  170
what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness??    0  145
how to calculate the density of cement and how can we convert no. of Kgs of cement to Metric tonnes??    2  2658
what is corona effect    3  775
How many straight through joint is permissible in single core 33kv XLPE cable for a length of 985 mtr. dmrc   3  1775
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Un-Answered Questions
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Can anybody tell abt concrete encased earthing or grounding? 175
Why does the rotor rotate? 19
Gas equation 67
what is the exams to be conducted for mechanical engineers and then how to prepare that 121
can we use ps class in combination with protection class in differential protection and over current protection. 79
What are reasond for high wattage in single phase induction motors 4
why we use kg/cm2 instead of kg/m2 as a unit of pressure. As we know kg is a MKS unit and cm is a CGS unit. So why we use combination of both(kg/cm2)while describing the pressure. 2135
i am appearing for the interview of the company SANDVIK??so if u can send me some questions or suggestions on how to prepare,it would be of great help to me.u can send the above at you. 256
what is the prinsiple of dc motor and construction and working ,application of dc motor. 122
1. what is usage for power factor in industries?? 2.why we need to monitor power factor?? 707
What size cable (based on voltage drop) is required to supply a 40 A three phase boiler if the wiring system is 75V single insulated cables installed in non-metallic rigid conduit 56m from the main switchboard? Voltage drop in the consumer's mains is 8V. 155
In DC generator, we use commutator, having no. of segments. Then how it is possible to get a half wave of voltage and current for half rotation of armature? 323
How can I calculate per unit (KWH) fuel (Gas/ Diesel both) consumption 1MW unit? 152
explain the rale of the government in the construction industry 104
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