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what is ripple rejection? tcs   1  2361
why the cb amplifier ckt is considered to be most stable? tata   1  1878
what is the h-parameter? tata   3  3097
what is transistor biasing?why it is necessary? tata   10  28607
Can the value of stability factor be less than unity? tata   2  2644
what is stability factor? tata   1  4177
Give condition for conduction of UJT? tata   1  1930
state the important rating of transistor?    1  1247
what is a bleeder resistor? tcs   0  465
under which condition we shall prefer a shunt capacitor filter? siemens   0  1255
what is need of rectifier in electronics? tcs   4  7716
A half wave rectifier is used to supply 50vdc to resistive load of 800ohms the semiconductor diode has a forword resistance of 25ohms,calculate ac voltage required? tcs   1  1968
what is transformer utilisation factor? tcs   0  1396
Hi friends,anybody can send me previous HAL interview question paper OR all other interview question paper. To,    0  358
when running 2 nos 450kva dg sets in parallel operation ,in one Dg set power factor and Kvar going to lagging and ampere suddenly going high,please give me suggestion to correct the same.    2  3299
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Un-Answered Questions
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Following test should be conducted to find out relative polarity of transformenr terminals A no load test B back to back test C phasing out test D none of above 431
what is capacitor voltage transformer?? how it is different from potential transformer? 431
if a PTC having operating voltage 230V is not available then Can we short the circuit where PTC inserted or anybody having other solution. if yes, please reply hurry. 435
what is mean by kneepoint voltage? when it will happen? ( my doubt is, if CT secondary is open means ct get saturation or blas? what are factors are required for calculations? plz give currect anws: 353
1) can any one tell how dozer transmission system power terrain --track 1002
Hi, How I can calculate mass flow rate for an axial fan with diameter "400mm" and speed 1500RPM? thx 787
What causes diesel engine trouble when using heavy oil? 467
sir i ve applied for hindustan petroleum and power grid india ltd..and the exams on feb 22.can you pls send model papers and tell how to prepare for those.i need to get into any of these for sure..... 504
what is protection class current transformer. 1689
a concrete mix 1 2 4 by volume with water cement ratio as .6 by weight if moisture content in F.A is 6% with 20% BULKING AND IN C.A 1.5% by volume. find quantities of different materials required for one bag of cement 428
do you have some of interview Questions in power and genrator section in general whith answers 476
is all the servo motors having brake?please specify which servo motors having brake for stop on position and which are not. 279
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