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If there is a requirement of centrifugal fire pump with casing HIgh tensile strength, then what should be the material for pump casing.    1  592
how to write test cases?    0  171
How to calculate the current of Highpressure Mercury Vapour Lamp?what is the basis?whether we have to consider power factor or not? divis-laboratories   0  133
how to estimate the breaker capacity of breaker,please give the one example( 6.6 kv breaker,800a)????? divis-laboratories   2  853
what is full form of dyn11( in transformer) divis-laboratories   5  1752
how much distance is required for earth pit to earth pit in substation??? divis-laboratories   3  2231
how to calculate the earth mat design in 132 kv substation yard ???? divis-laboratories   0  1879
how to calculate the ngr capacity(nutral grounding resistor) divis-laboratories   2  2143
what is mean by tremie concrete    3  1801
what is the difference between delta-delta, delta-star transformer???    3  2297
how to find the capacitance value of the motor while running??    0  142
difference bteween neutral grounding resistor and neutral grounding transformer??    1  1146
which generator is called as brushless excitation generator and why??    3  1520
what is mean by tan-delta tap in the potential transformer??    2  924
what happens when we give supply to the secondary of a transformer ?? for example 415v(pri)/110v(sec)    2  817
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to send request to the direct server rather than proxy server 212
what is the basic steps for designing an ups,inverters, and battery connections for series and parrallel connections in ups 275
how to decide the rating of the ct for 1500 kva transformer 234
we are having 110 Kv,250mA Electrostatic precipitators for coal fired boilers. what will be static voltage and current after discharge and what time it will remain before earthing? 125
how to calculate the fault in substation 229
Has anyone attended interviews in IITs for positions like Research fellowships/assistants? If yes, please share the experience about how complex the interview was, etc. etc. 141
sir plz send me BPCL recruitment(Engineering Trainee Electronics & Communication) sample question papers & Topics as early as possible 660
which/why unix commands are simpler rather than complex tasks 627
How much must be gape bitween 2 cable on cable tray? 32
how can we select the appropriate VCB ? 255
if the load is 80 amp for main fuse and 100 amp for breaker so how can we calculate the cable size (cooper ) . 171
what are the main applications of transistor in non-linear region? 108
i want syllabus for section engnieer and previous year question papers 203
what are factors to be consider in electrical installation like load factor,diversity factor ..... 97
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