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IN bateery size of positive is biger than negative .why?

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what happen when ac motor is connected with dc current

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like the transformer another electrical static device which operate on same priencipal?

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why rating of motor in HP


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Do you know how to joint the H.T and L.T Cables?


HT line tuns into LT by step down txr then connected lt
with LT cable

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Why a starter is used for a motor?


to limit the starting current ,because the resistance of
armature is very less so starting current becomes four to
five times . so to save the motor starter is used

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what are the types of transformers


step up transformer
step down transformer
auto transformer

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What is mean by diversity Fator?


It is the ratio of sumation of maximum demand of different
power spply system to maxim demand of the system

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Which is capital of Indian State Tripura ?



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can we step up dc power using transformer?



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What is the result of under frequency to the system.


losses increases ,voltage regulation disturb ,motor run
with lower speed

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What is the reason for low voltage in houses?


due to inductive load
power factor decrease

so voltage regulation is required to make up the loss of

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Question { 31094 }

What is the meaning of GRID?


grid means national interconnection of power supply with
all the states

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what is the maximum genarating voltage in india?


11 kv

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What is the basic diffrence between Electronics &
Electrical engineering


electrical machine operate at high voltage using conductor
but electonics is deals with semiconductor materials at
lower voltages

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Question { Manhattan, 11050 }

Do you know how to measure the earth resistance?


earth resitanse is also measured by meggar

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Upto what extent, the lagging power factor can be improved
with the help of capacitors?


0.8 to 0.9

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Question { NTPC, 7196 }

At what distance power transformer can be placed from
generating ?


less than 10 meter

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what are the affects of loose connection in electrical


sparking will occur
short circuit may occur
single phasing may occur
electrecal instrument may distroy

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