How do you measure g's?

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How do you measure g's? ..

Answer / valluri066

Acceleration caused by gravity is called G-force and expressed in G's,

A man in rocket travelling against gravitational (into sky) experiences extra body weight or simply extra 'g'

And if he jumps from that rocket (free falling) he feels no weight or simply 0-g's

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How do you measure g's? ..

Answer / m.r.marashi

by accelerometer

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How do you measure g's? ..

Answer / valluri066

G's or G-force can be easily measured using Accelerometers.

Piezo electric type Accelerometer and damped mass and spring assembly Accelerometers are most commonly used.

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How do you measure g's? ..

Answer / jobby c johnson

g sensors are available to measure g's

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How do you measure g's? ..

Answer / swadish k

using gas detectors
for eg: dragers gas detectors

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