how capacitance is neglected in short transmission lines ?

how capacitance is neglected in short transmission lines ?..

Answer / sirin dutta chowdhury

In a capacitor, there are 2 metalic plates or 2 conductive
plates and a di-electric medium in between the 2 plates.As
a result of applied voltage across the pletes,opposite
charges are induced on the plates.The capacitance increases
as the surface area of the plates increases and the width
of dielectric medium (i.e. the distance btwn the plates)
In case of transmission line, air acts as the
dielectric medium.The metal conductor wire and the ground
act as two plates.
For short lines, length of the lines so the
surface area of the line is small.Adding to it,distance
between wire & ground is large.So net effective capacitive
effect for short line is negligible.

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