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how mobile to mobile call set-up?
plz give the answer in detail........

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how mobile to mobile call set-up? plz give the answer in detail..........

Answer / ambarishksharma

The first thing that you need to understand is that Mobile
is called as the MS (Mobile Station), so hence forth I will
be using this term...
Now once you dial or key in a numbe rfrom ur MS, The signal
is sent via the Uplink channel to the serving BTS(bASE
tRANSCIEVER Station), This is the Analog link...for 900 MHZ
The BTS is responsible for the proper delivery of this
signal over the PCM (Pulse Code Modulation Link), This is
all digital..The modulation scheme being used is neither
ASK, PSK, Its called as Gaussian MSK...
By this termn you simply need to understand that MSK is
called as Minimum shift keying...if you know the gaussian
curve its as simle as that...

Now, Once the signal reaches the serving BTS, VTS ROUTES
teh call to MSC, This is the heart of the System (Mobile
Switching Centre). MSC depending on teh called number
routes the call to the MSC which is serving that Number.
Once the call goes to the called number MSC it searches for
the location of the MS in the respective HLR (Home Location
Register). This is the centralised database for each state,
keeping the geographical location and various other data of
the MS.
Now, once the location of the called MS is retrieved, the
call goes to the MS and a two way link is setup based upon
the condition that the called number is not busy...

Thats all dear....It's as simple as talking right.... :-)

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how mobile to mobile call set-up? plz give the answer in detail..........

Answer / nagmani.chouhan

digital to analog conversion and vise versa

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