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When i went to a interview the interviewer ask me a
question for that i cant able to answer him if anyone knows
answer me
How will you design a capacitor bank for a plant? if my p.f
is 0.6 i have to improve it to 0.9 or 1 what kind of steps i
have to do? and is there any formula for calculating this?

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When i went to a interview the interviewer ask me a question for that i cant able to answer him if..

Answer / arvind

yes there is an answer fir that, the answer is

where tana is desired power factor and tanb is your current
now to calaulate your a and b parameter we use this formula
power factor =cosa and power factor=cosb
i.e., inv(cos)=power factor
put this in above equation uyou will get your KVAR RATING
but you should the KW of the load.

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When i went to a interview the interviewer ask me a question for that i cant able to answer him if..

Answer / madhu

this is also calculated from power triangle. i.e.,

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