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How many hours would you like to work?

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How many hours would you like to work? ..

Answer / gourav

I can work for more hours AT TIMES if the businees demands,
but i would prefer to work as per normal hours as i believe
in myself that i am a capable of completing my taks in time
rather working late in office.

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How many hours would you like to work? ..

Answer / nimesh

i joint your organization to do work. you give me salary.
i also want to make my career and want to achieve my goal.
so i will work till i cant complete my work.

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How many hours would you like to work? ..

Answer / kamakhya prasad ghatuary

According to the requirement of my organization.
Because company is just like a betterhalf,it is giving us
something,giving good ambience,giving identity,etc so that
usually i can work 7-8 hours every day.But if the
requirement is there than i have to work for unlimited.
Any Company or any organization serve me and my family,so
it is very important for me to serve my company when
As we see the real fact tahn we are working to improve our
status.if money will not be there tahn we cant improve our
status and nation.
3rd thing is Mind , if your mind will not work than you
cant work. so every body should go with their mind also.

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