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What is reactive power?

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What is reactive power?..

Answer / shahulsnfa

the power which is required to produce working flux is
called reactive power, reactive power P = VI sin phi

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What is reactive power?..

Answer / satmeet

reactive power is the part of the current
that is not consumed.It is only used to energise
the field winding to create flux.

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What is reactive power?..

Answer / genjua

power loss due to capacitive n inductive load = reactive

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What is reactive power?..

Answer / krishnamoorthy s

It is one of the power loss due to inductive load. this also Also called imaginary power or watt less power. It is the power value in "volt amps" obtained from the product of source voltage and source current in a reactive circuit.

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What is reactive power?..

Answer / saravananmadurai

reacitive power is wattless power

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What is reactive power?..

Answer / abhishek goyal

Its a inductive power
it will increase or produce by the inductive equipment like
motor, transformer and other inductive equipment. It reduce
the power factor of system.

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What is reactive power?..

Answer / prabhakar


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