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difference between cache and flip flop???

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difference between cache and flip flop???..

Answer / p.thirumalainambi

flipflop is a onebit memory device. but cache is a storage

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difference between cache and flip flop???..

Answer / ram

flip flop is a single bit memory,cache uses some
additional memory also & it has memory higher than flip

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difference between cache and flip flop???..

Answer / rakesh bharadwaj.v

both are used as temp storage
A cache memeory is used to store most recent or mostly used
data, so that the processor can access them more easily and
fastly than accessing them from the memory each time.
whereas a flip flop is used like a switch it can have only
one bit data at a time.

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difference between cache and flip flop???..

Answer / ashok

Guyz the question shud hv been "difference between LATCH and FLIP-FLOP" ,,,, thtz the quest normally asked in the interviews,,,,,,

Latch is a Level sensitive device,,,,

FF is an edge sensitive device,,,

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difference between cache and flip flop???..

Answer / kd

The anwser to this at device level is;

A flip flop is a single bit memory storage device
(If your circuit deals only with a single bit to be stored
then your flip flop is also single bit cache)

Cache, basically is a combinantion of 'n' flip flops, along
with additional combinantional logic devices which enable
one to store 'n' bits of data and can retrive a pirticular
data bit by using proper sequencing of combinantional logic.

eg: any sort of RAM can be utilized as cache.


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difference between cache and flip flop???..

Answer / hariteja jyosyula

Flip flop is one bit memory element, while the cache is a
type of speed memory when a program executed the micro
processor brings all the required information for running
the program is put into cache memory in order to speed it's

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