hi,iam mandhamihtlleshreddi,igot admission in rostock
ujniversity,germany,ielts score-5.5 bands,iwant to go to
germany,plz suggest me what questions are asked in iterview?

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hi,iam mandhamihtlleshreddi,igot admission in rostock ujniversity,germany,ielts score-5.5 bands,iw..

Answer / venkt.haipv

questions are

why your going to germany.same course is avalable in india
why you go.
where is located your university in germany and tell me
about your university.
any two persons known in germany(like
scientist,playersetc....) and explain about that persons

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hi,iam mandhamihtlleshreddi,igot admission in rostock ujniversity,germany,ielts score-5.5 bands,iw..

Answer / ravi

if it's not frieghtened answer by me,Instead of getting in
to ROSTOCK y don't u go for other university & it is safe
for VISA tooo

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